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5 Star Hotels in Penang

There are seven 5 Star Hotels in Penang. These hotels are ranked according to their booking popularity:

(Source: BookWhere.Org Ranking: 5 Star Hotels in Pulau Pinang)

1. Parkroyal Resort
Batu Ferringhi Beach
Ranked Very Good, 4.1 in 476 reviews
Rates: From RM246

2. Traders Hotel Penang (cheapest 5 star hotel in Penang)
Magazine Road
Rated Very Good in 409 reviews
Room Rates: From RM193

3. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa (most expensive 5 star hotels in Penang)
Batu Feringgi Beach
Rated Very Good, 4.2 in 80 reviews
RM684 per night

4. Hotel Equatorial Pulau Pinang
1 Jalan Bukit Jambul
Also ranked Very Good, 4.1 by 77 reviewers
Room price: from RM181

5. The Gurney Residences & Hotel
18 Persiaran Gurney
Rated OK, 3.4 in 4 reviews
RM297 per night

6. G Hotel Penang
168A Persiaran Gurney
Room rate: RM410

7. Mutiara Beach Resort Pulau Pinang

The room rates for these hotels may varies significantly depending on the dates of stay. Some hotel booking sites such as Agoda, Booking.com and Travelocity.com may offer cheaper room rates than the official hotel website. You can use BookWhere.Org hotel search engine to find out which booking site offers the best price for 5 star hotels in Penang.

Penang Hotels Faqs

Mary asks…

how to ease gastric pain,when i cant find a doctor and no medicine with me now.?

i am in penang now, on business trip, could not find a doctor near my hotel, so how am i to ease my gastric till it get better, or till i get home tomorrow?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Go to the grocery store and get some apple cidar vinager. Take about 2-3 tablespoons of it in some water. Works great and is really cheap

Maria asks…

Where are you going on Christmas Day?

I recommend Malaysia for you especially Kuala Lumpur and Penang City of Malaysia…

more information : http://malaysia-hotel.blogspot.com/2006/12/christmas-celebration-in-malaysia.html

Penang Local Boy answers:

I guess I’ll be hanging out with my bf and his mates in Orchard area and Marina Sq area in Singapore for a good-time gathering, if not I hope I can go clubbing with my friends and spend the night dancing!!!

And most importantly, Singapore Tourism Board has decorated Orchard Rd with the longest and largest Xmas Light-up this year to attract tourists and local citizens to enjoy the festive season! So I think it’ll be really fun and exciting. And Singapore may be having fireworks too.

Carol asks…

please help how long should i spend in each of these places?

Im flying around south east asia in may and il be stopping off at these places but i don’t know how long to spend in each i want to book all flights soon so they will be cheaper.Im alone and tend to be there for the nightlife and fun and meeting new people so if you know anything about these places…..

kuala lumpur,
bangkok but ive been there so its ok,
maybe pattaya(ive heard its rough)
siem reap,
phnom penh,
nha trang,
hue and

(the main places haha)

il be bringing around 5-6000 euro spending and accomadation (good hotels not on a budget)and hoping around 3 months or as long as my money lasts

Any help would be great..thank you

p.s am i missing somewhere good
(not in thailand or laos)

Penang Local Boy answers:

The rule of thumb is three days per location. No mastter how known a location is, every location has its hidden gems. Go to each place for the same amount of time and you will have no regrets. Go to BookMe. You can compare prices on all the major travel sites from one location. It’s the only way you can guarantee the cheapest prices online.

George asks…

What To Do in Malaysia ?

I need an advice i am giving a visit to Kuala lumpur and Penang, me and my wife and we don’t know what can we do there or what can we visit ?
also where’s good places to see ?
places for electronic shopping CHEAP ?
normal shopping ?
hanging out at night ?
and one last thing which is better EAstin hotel or Evergreen hotel?
I appreciate ur help :)

Penang Local Boy answers:

Malaysia, in every sense of the word is truly cosmopolitan. Visit Kuala Lumpur, Borneo rainforest and Penang in Malaysia that offers guaranteed travel delight! Check out the link for further details.

Mark asks…

Law case studies: Exemption clause?

Jimmy, a business man from Penang, stays at the Golden Flower Hotel whenever he visits Kuala Lumpur on business. He likes the hotel so much that he arranges a seminar for his staff at the hotel.
While he was attending the seminar, he entered a toilet which was automatically locked. The lock was defective and there was no handle inside the toilet to open the door. For about 10 to 15 mins. Jimmy banged the door and shouted to attract the attention of persons outside but no one came to his assistance. With a view to climb out. Jimmy slipped and was injured. He suffered a dislocation of his left hand and his valuable handphone struck the floor and was damaged. He brought an action against the Hotel for negligence and the Hotel raised that there is an exemption clause stated on the wall of the toilet stating that “Customers of this hotel takes their own responsibility to ensure their own safety and the Hotel will not held to be liable”.
Advise Jimmy as to the rights available.

Penang Local Boy answers:

He may not have any. He needs to look and see what treaties his own country and that of the country he was visiting have entered into. (I’m not familiar with the cities and don’t have a map handy at the moment – older version of web brower.) If they are in the same country he may be out of luck – unless this exemption is against public policy and not generally honored by the courts. In the USA, he could still sue and might even win. BUT, he is more likely to lose his case because he assumed the risk by trying to escape.

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Penang Hotels Faqs

Mark asks…

Who can help me with travel ? booking airline tickets?

Would it be cheaper to buy airline fare directly with the airline or a Travel Agent ? Would it also be cheaper to book hotels on line instead of a Travel Agent. I am afraid that Travel Agencies might have specials with airline and hotels included. I intend travelling to Malaysia. (Kuala Lumpur and Penang) from Melbourne Australia

Penang Local Boy answers:

I prefer to go online. Look for necessary info – for any kind of details – go to wikipedia. For booking flight tickets – there are many in the business –

As far as booking is concerned – match both the prices – you can get the best deals from any of them.

Over the web – there is some serious competition, so the possibility of getting better offer is much higher….

What else I should add……

Generally I don’t like promoting any particular website – but all I can add is, the deal is in your fingertips – just move it over the keyboard :)

Richard asks…

Want the best holiday and wellness package ever?



(Langkawi, Port Dickson, Genting, Cherating, Penang at 3 STAR HOTEL)

2. 4DAYS/3NIGHTS INTERNATIONAL VACATION (Bali, Phuket or other parts of Asia at
3 STAR/4 STAR HOTEL) FOR 4 PAX* include flight rebates














1. All Local and International Vacation (Excluding Cruise) are for 4 PAX*.

2. Booking Fee and Refundable Deposit*

Malaysian Vacation
Booking Fee = Zero ; Refundable Deposit = MYR 175.00

International Vacation
Booking Fee = Zero; Refundable Deposit = MYR 500.00

Gold Coast Australia Vacation
Booking Fee = MYR 199; Refundable Deposit = MYR 750.00

3. Flight Rebate* is for 2 PAX at MYR 75 per person.
(for 4days/3nights international Asia vacation only)

4. For Flying Experience, a non refundable fuel surcharge at MYR 99 will be charged at the time of
the booking. Fully fledged flying experience certificate will be given at the end of the flying

5. For Sepang F1 Track Driving Experience, a non refundable fuel surcharge at MYR 99 will be
charged at the time of the booking.

*Refundable deposit and flight rebate will be returned after 28 working days from the date
of your return from vacation. To claim the refundable deposit, you must produce your
identification card, vacation confirmation letter stamped by the hotel once check out
from the hotel and stamped flight ticket.

Interested? Please email us at: printperfect@yahoo.com

Penang Local Boy answers:

To find really good prices on airline tickets, what have worked for me is:

1- Search in advance, to fly in 20 to 30 days from now
2- Take time to search and compare several sites. The more you search the better your chances are to find a good deal.
3- Avoid weekends. Most people likes to travel on weekends, that makes it more expensive those days.

Here’s a nice example of what I mean:


The most important thing is to be patient, and be ready to go for it if you see a good deal :)

Robert asks…

Organising day tours in Singapore?


I was wondering if there were many places in Singapore where you can book tours (like ’round the island’ tours, day trips to JB, etc)?

I know that most hotels have tour operators working in the hotel lobbies, but these tend to be quite expensive.

I have been to Penang and Phuket previously, and there seems to be tour shops everywhere. Does Singapore have similar ‘tour shops’ at places like Orchard Road, Clark Quay or Little India?

If not, where else can you book tours? Any websites?

Thanks in advance.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hi there

1. Singapore is an easy city to move around on your own. If you grab a free tourist map at the airport, you could get around easily, even with public transport.

2. There are many travel agents in the Chinatown malls in Singapore who run guided tours. You could check them out – their prices are likely cheaper than when you book at your hotel.

Steven asks…

Among them,who got the most and who got the least jail-term discount? Why?

Predators’ crimes and punishment

Abused in a graveyard

While the country was celebrating Christmas on Dec 25, 2006, tree cutter K. Kamalason, 47, raped a five-year-old child in a Chinese graveyard in Kuantan. He inflicted his young victim with extremely serious internal injuries to her uterus, intestines and private parts.

Kamalason is married with two children ages two and six and was sentenced 20 years in jail and 20 strokes of the rotan.

Her stepfather, her rapist

As a stepfather, Zulkarnain Ramle, 40, of Kampung Sourabaya Hulu, Petra Jaya in Sarawak should have protected and cared for his stepchildren. Instead, Zulkarnain raped his 11-year-old stepdaughter three years ago when both her mother and elder sister were not at home.

The child told her mother, who lodged a police report and her daughter taken for a medical examination. Zulkarnain was sentenced to 12 years in jail on Nov 3, 2003.

On her way to work

On Oct 7, 2000, computer engineer Noor Suzaily Mukhtar, 24, boarded a Metro bus from Kuala Lumpur to her workplace in Klang. It was like any other day during her two-week attachment at a medical centre in Port Klang.

After the bus driver, Hanafi Mat Hassan, 38, dropped off the last remaining passenger at the Klang bus stand, he changed routes towards Banting and pulled over at the Bukit Tinggi project site. Noor Suzaily tried to escape but the doors were locked. The windows were heavily tinted so she could not draw attention. Hanafi raped her and used her headscarf to strangle her before tossing her naked body out of the bus. His wife had just given birth three days ago.

Noor Suzaily was dressed in a long skirt and tudung. Yet police said the murderer claimed he tak tahan (unable to control his lust).

Bomoh dupes teenage dropout

She was 14, has dropped out of school, and living with her parents in Berenang, Kajang. When she started suffering from unexplainable pains in her legs in July 2000, her father, a retired soldier, took her to see a trusted family friend who was a bomoh. He told her she would die if she wasn’t cured of her elephantiasis disease.

He convinced the girl’s father to set aside a room in their house to perform special prayers and treatments which could only be carried out after midnight to cure her. Over three years, the bomoh undressed the girl, raped and sodomised her while her parents slept. Before the “treatments”, the bomoh had forced the girl to spiritually marry him so they could have sex. She warned the girl not to inform her parents as the treatments must be kept a secret. In July 2003, the girl broke her silence and lodged a police report.

The bomoh is learnt to have seven wives and was previously acquitted of a charge of conducting a marriage ceremony contrary to Islamic law at the Lower Syariah court in Malacca.

Bomoh dupes high achiever student

She was 16 and scored 9As in her PMR. Then she started losing interest in her studies in 2002. Her worried father, a businessman, brought her to a famous bomoh, as he believed his daughter has been put under a spell.

The bomoh carried out his services in a hotel room. For several weeks, the businessman sent his daughter to the bomoh and waited in the lobby. By the time, he became suspicious, his daughter had been raped several times.

The suspect reportedly has treatment centres in Pahang, Johor and other states. Police started a hunt for the bomoh who has since been on the run.

Consensual sex or statutory rape?

Thor Guan Aik asked the right question to his teenage girlfriend before having sex with her two years ago in Sungai Nibong, Penang, “How old are you?” She told him she was 16, which was old enough, so they had sex. She was actually 14 and the case went to court as statutory rape.

On Oct 18, 2005, a Sessions Court freed Thor of the charge, ruling that the couple had consensual sex. The girl refused to testify in court. The judge also ruled her evidence as contradictory to the doctor and investigating officers’ testimonies. His release prompted women’s groups to call for an amendment of the Evidence Act to allow videotaped evidence to be allowed in cases.

Raped after birthday bash

In August 2004, lorry attendant Jailani Budin, 21, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to six charges of raping a Form Three girl after helping to celebrate her 15th birthday.

Jailani, who had two previous convictions for break-ins, took the girl on his motorcycle to three locations at different times. Although there was no element of violence, DPP Muhamad Iskandar Ahmad, pressed for the maximum sentence because he said rape offences were on the rise. Jailani’s wife was pregnant at the time he committed the offence.

The Nurul Huda Gani case
Jailani being led away by police after he was sentenced at the Sessions Court in Shah Alam.

With her home just 300m from the Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station in Kampung Pekajang, Tanjung Kupang in Galang Patah, Johor Baru, little Nurul Huda Gani had probably passed security guard Mohd Abbas Danus Baksan, 46, before, on her way to the nearby grocery shop.

On Jan 17, 2004, Mohd Abbas was convicted of dragging Nurul Huda into the station, raping and then murdering her.

When she didn’t return home, her worried brother and two sisters came looking for her. She was found in a squatting position inside a toilet at the station.

On Aug 28, 2004, Mohd Abbas was sentenced 20 years’ jail and 24 strokes of the rotan for raping the child, and sentenced to death for murdering her. He maintained his innocence that another security guard had been the killer.

The serial rapist

In January 2006, Beh Soon Hock (pic left), 39, lost his appeal against a sentence of 60 years and 24 strokes of the rotan for five offences of rape, sodomy, robbery and theft.

High Court Justice Abdull Hamid Embong, who rejected Beh’s appeal, said he agreed that the sentences imposed on him by a lower court were appropriate.

Beh had raped a South Korean woman and sodomised an Irish woman and a 10-year-old Kuwaiti boy. The unemployed bachelor had 53 previous convictions mostly for theft, housebreaking and mischief committed between 1985 and 1996.

The pensioner who raped

In August this year, Mat Saad Md Isa, 61, was convicted of raping an eight-year-old in a house in Sentul in 2001. The judge ordered to serve his 19-and-a-half years’ sentence for rape and four-and-a-half years’ sentence for an indecent act.

He used a condom

A roti canai seller raped his daughter and paid her RM5 as a “reward” to keep quiet. Court of Appeal judges unanimously rejected the 49-year-old father’s appeal to reduce his jail term in June 2008, after the defendant’s lawyer said, in mitigation, that he used a condom each time he raped the child.

The man was sentenced to 36 years and 20 strokes of the rotan by the Shah Alam Sessions Court on Aug 20, 2004 after he pleaded to four counts of raping his 11-year-old daughter at their house between May 2003 and Aug 9, 2004.

Retrieved from http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2008/8/3/lifefocus/1710462&sec=lifefocus

Penang Local Boy answers:

It’s heartbreaking…

To sentence them to death would be too easy on them.
Should give them the cane and life imprisonment, preferably let them languish in solitary cell. That would make them go crazy.

Thomas asks…

How to go to Cyberjaya?

I’m from Penang, recently I receive a call from a multi-national company and they ask me go to Cyberjaya for an interview. What is the bus terminal should I stop? Pudu Raya, Shah Alam, Seremban? How long it take to reach Cyberjaya from the bus terminal that I stop? Where should I stay? How is the rate of Hotel? What is the taxi fare to go to Cyberjaya?

Penang Local Boy answers:

You should give that company a call back and ask them these things. They can help you a lot better than we can.

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Penang Hotels Faqs

Donald asks…

Penang Golden Sands Resort?

Anyone stayed there recently? How’s their deluxe seafacing room like? 30 sq m seems very small – enough room for 2 adults & 2 kids? Furniture looks simple & dated from websites. Doesn’t look like a 4-star hotel to me. RM490++ is their best guaranteed rate. Pricey, huh? But it managed by Shangri-la, so must be worth it. What do you think?
Ok, maybe I didn’t make myself clearer. I intend to stay there, make full use of their facilities – gym, sunbathing, swimming & generally lazing around. Not going anywhere else. Maybe evening time go nearby pasar malam & hawker stalls.
Audrey -They have family room with no balcony ’cause facing hill & mosque, will disturb my sleep during calls for dawn prayers. I prefer seaview (don’t mind paying a little extra for that). My kids aged 7 & 10. Yes, they say RM490 their best price. Even say if I find any website with lower price than theirs, they will match it.
Myra – sound advice. Will check with ParkRoyal. Thanks. :-)
j-lilac – TQ.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I never been to Shangri-la Golden Sands before but i did stayed in Grand Plaza Parkroyal Beach Resort that sit just beside The Shangrila..for the price of RM490.00++ is ridiculous for an outdated rooms and facilities..i would like prefer recommend to you to stay at ParkRoyal as their Grand Deluxe Room with Balcony and nice seaview only about RM460.00++ and comes with free breakfast. I’m sure their room comfortable enough to accomodate you and your kids.

And their facilities are great too! As for your kids, you can simply send them to the hotel’s kidsclub and leave them there as there are hotel’s staff who will takes care of them for free ( 4 years and above only, while baby will be charge at RM10.00 per hour)..while your kids enjoying their playtime, you can take your spouse to go for sightseeing or do some outdoor recreational activities like the jet ski or para-sailing which located at the hotel’s beach frontage…

Eventhough the other hotel was managed by Shangrila..for the price of that..its does not worth your $$..and furthermore, the Parkroyal just had their rooms refurbished and everything is brand new…

And oh! For your added info…just do not spend your money in Parkroyal’s restaurant or room service..!! Its blo*dy expensive!! Imagine the price for a plate of Kampung Fried Rice is RM38.00++!!!! And Fresh Orange Juice is RM25.00++!! Really cekik darah…its much the better to go out from the hotel and eat somewhere along the road infront of the hotel..which also sells those cheap DVD!! RM4.00 per dvd!!

Enough saying..hahaha…have a great holiday in Penang!

Thomas asks…

i am visiting malaysia and need advise from locals & frequent visitors?

i am planning to visit KL & Penang in Malaysia with my wife & kid.

Please shoot some comments what to do and not to do there.

best places to visit & 2star or 3 star hotels (provide internet & breakfast) in both places

Penang Local Boy answers:

N KL, there are many hotel around KL Twin Tower and Jalan Bukit Bintang check out here


These two areas are good for shopping.

Places to visit in KL;
- A definite itinerary would be Petronas Twin Tower and its sky bridge ( http://www.planet.my/2010/07/twin-tower-… The KL Convention Centre nearby has an underwater park, Aquaria KLCC
- KL Tower
- Petaling Street, which is the China Town in Malaysia
- Thean Hou Temple http://www.planet.my

In Penang, recommended hotel – http://www.penang-hotels.com/

Places to visit in Penang;
- Kek Lok Si temple
- Pinang Peranakan Mansion
- Batu Ferringhi

Steven asks…

Which Malaysian Island would you recommend?

We are a family with an older teenager. Am familiar with Malaysia, have plenty of family out there so will be visiting SP, KL, Seramban and Kluang but are also looking for a relaxing hotel-based destination by the beach for a few nights. Having already been to Penang, was thinking of islands such as Redang, Langkawi or Pangkor although Penang is not out of the question as it was a few years ago that visited here. What’s it like now? Thanks! :)

Penang Local Boy answers:

Pulau Perhentian.

Helen asks…

IMMIG Associates, 109 Jalan Kuchin, Kuala lumpur. Malaysia. Phone:60166948367. is this address is correct.?

Dear all, today I received a letter from IMMING Associates regarding my job offer in Crown jewel hotel. Penang, Malysia. they ask me to sent 650US$ as service charge for obtaining my work permit in malaysia. pl’s tell me the adress which I mentioned is right. the contact person name is Mr.Fariza Hussain,

Penang Local Boy answers:

Please refer:


Robert asks…

Where can I buy the following electronic items in Thailand or Penang, Malaysia?

I am living in Southern Thailand, near Trang. I have several electronic problems:
1. My At&T Pantech cell phone will not charge since I was in Hong Kong. I do not know if I blew it up when I was in the Hong Kong hotel room by not using the correct adapter..anyway, are there AT&T phones for sale in Thailand? I know I can go online, but it takes too long to ship. Any tips?
2. Where I can buy an IPOD charger? Is Tesco a good buy?
3. Is there an online store in Thailand similar to Amazon/Ebay but ships from Thailand so it is not so expensive?

Thank you soooo much! I appreciate your help.

Penang Local Boy answers:

For an on-line electronic store try Power Buy, they ship in Thailand and they have lots of items and decent prices (cameras, cell phones, TVs, home appliances, etc), they downside is, you have to understand Thai to order the stuff (or give them a call and see if anyone speaks english).


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Penang Hotels Faqs

John asks…

Can my Friend who is 18 years old book a hotel room our trip to Genting?

We are going to the reservation counter in Singapore Genting office, in Penang Road. I would like to know What are the Necessary Document for booking?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Your passport

Michael asks…

I am traveling to Malaysia in the middle of February!?

I will be there 2 weeks, can u recommend some islands or beach resort type areas with a good night life? Also any mid range hotel suggestions in KL or Penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Sipadan island, nexus karambunai beach resort, my house also can…

Ruth asks…

4-star in Penang, Malaysia for 200-300 a night?

Hi, I’m trying to find a 4 star hotel from the 7th April for four days and three nights for around 200 to 300 a night with broadband/wireless internet access in the room preferably the internet for free. And also preferably near the beach

Penang Local Boy answers:

Check the hotels along Gurney drive….easy accesible to town

G hotel…
Gurney hotel
Northam Court hotel

Betty asks…

Any regular traveller to Malaysia from Singapore?

I was wondering can i use my Singapore nokia handphone charger in Malaysia hotel directly? (penang especially).

Is the voltage and power same?

If not, what do i need and can i get from hotel. Thanks!

BTW do u know the coach price from Penang to Singapore or Johor Bahru. :=)

Penang Local Boy answers:

The voltage is the same, and the plug points are identical as well.

I believe there is a very comfortable coach service operated by Plusliner (www.plusliner.com) direct from Penang island into Singapore and I believe the price is below RM 150.

The website I gave you above would have the coach fare and the coach schedule as well.

Mandy asks…

Budget stay in Penang Feringgi Beach(Malaysia), any recommand?

On december middle, budget around RM100.00 ( can be less
better) cause may only short trip, pls help. about 5 years ago,
i know they is some small budget stay behind the Holiday inn
hotel, but unknown the name, no wed search, no phone no,
pls help if you know. Thank you.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try this:-


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Penang Hotels Faqs

Lisa asks…

i want to know about penang?

i just got this plan to go to penang next week at jan 1st with my friends. do u think if we go there on that day there will be any rooms available? (guest house or budget hotel) can u suggest me where to stay and where for sure we can get a place to stay? we will arrive on friday and we will leave on sunday. so it’s gonna be 3 days 2 nites
and how to get there from kl?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Penang is definitely the state with the greatest food!! And also, a lot of cultural places….

But if you were to go on 1st Jan, i think is hard to get hotel…

You can drive all the way to penang or else take bus and then ferry to cross over…

But would advice you to drive because the car renting service there is quite expensive…

Check out here for more information…..


John asks…

which one of these hotel should i stay at my honeymoon trip?

in langkawi i am confused between ( The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa or Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort or Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa)

and in penang i am also confused between ( Lone Pine Hotel or PARKROYAL Penang Resort)

please help me.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Maybe reading some reviews would help you make up your mind:



Donna asks…

Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia…..?

my sister just got the offer letter from UiTM Bukit Mertajam…
me and my family will send her there. the registration date is 23 Dec. We’ve never been to Penang before and can somebody suggest me a good motel/hotel in Bukit Mertajam?…backpackers hostel will do fine….
great job hming80! im so lazy to google it,..thanks.
ok Bo$$! jasamu dikenang…..

Penang Local Boy answers:

The UiTM itself got the hotel in campus
Other hotel:
Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya -10 minutes drive
PearlView Hotel, Prai – 10 minutes drive
NasmirHotel, AutoCity – 15 minutes drive

Steven asks…

How to find a CHEAP place to stay while travelling?

Im from malaysia now currently staying in selangor. Im planning to go to mainland Penang to wit a few of my friends

Is there a method to find a cheap place to stay?like a chalet or a cheap hotel room just to sleep?my budget is less than rm50 per night

Penang Local Boy answers:


Thomas asks…

Me and my wife (from Penang) is planning to bring our 2 kids (6 and 8 yrs) to Singapore for a 4D/3N vacation.?

Places we plan to visit : Underwater World, Science Center, Singapore Zoo, Orchard Road, etc.

1. Can someone please recommend a good but not too pricey hotel and which area should we stay so that we can travel to the above-mentioned places easily.

2. With 4 of us, is it cheaper to take a cab while moving point-to-point or purchase MRT passes ?

3. Other family-oriented places we should visit ?

Penang Local Boy answers:


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