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Laura asks…

can I get a hotel room around SGD 50 for one night stay at Batu Ferringhi beach, Penang, Malaysia?

I need a good hotel room near Batu Ferringhi beach in penang.
cost should be around 50 SGD for 1 night, Please provide contact details. will there be any group discounts for more than 15 people?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Don’t be so niau lah, you think your SGD so big meh

Maria asks…

Finding a hotel in Penang around batu ferringhi/penang road for around RM 100 a night?

anything for around 150 then?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I normally locate through this link. Mind you for the location like Batu Ferringhi, RM 100 does not buy you much in terms of good rooms.

Charles asks…

Any of you know what that hotel name at Batu Ferringhi??

I saw it on the magazine on Ferringhi beach there horse ride, water sport, parachute etc etc… I want that hotel name where all those beach activity are held. It be nice and convenience to stay just at that hotel instead of need to travel to another beach side.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I just went to Penang recently and stayed at one of the hotels in Batu Feringghi..i did my survey and the hotels available at the area will be:

- Shangrila Rasa Sayang
-Shangrila Golden Sands
- Holiday Inn
- Parkroyal
- Lone Pine
- Mar vista Resort
- Bayview beach resort
- Feringghi beach hotel

but if i were you..never ever check in at Parkroyal as the room rates are freaking were small
( RM550.00 a night!! ) and drinks are damn expensive too! Service was lousy..staff never smiles..except the bellboy and the pool bar staff..the rest was plain awful!! They claim they are 5 stars hotel but in fact i would only give them 2 stars..a complete waste of money and time!!

Mandy asks…

Batu Ferringhi’s Rasa Sayang or Golden Sands?

Which is a better choice – for a family of 2 adults & 2 childrens. Don’t like hotel food. Any hawker food stalls nearby that area? And how far is the nearest supermarket?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Rasa Sayang is hands down better than Golden Sands in terms of ambience and service. But I believe it is also more expensive. Book well ahead as it is normally full during peak seasons. Best hotel in Penang, for me. :)

Hawker stalls and night market are available just a short walk north of Rasa Sayang. There is also a supermarket there too. No more than 10 mins walk away.

William asks…

Where is the best place in Penang to stay and do these activities?

I am going to Penang in November this year.

I have 2 choices either Tanjung Bungah or Batu Ferringhi.

In Tanjung Bungah either Tanjung Bungah Beach or Copthorne Orchid hotel.

In Batu Ferringhi either HYDRO MAJESTIC or D’feringghi hotel.

I m lookin 4 scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, horse riding, banana boat, jet ski, parasailing, catamaran sailing, etc…

The trip will be for two people….

What is the best area and hotel that you suggest me, please?

Thank you

Best Regards


Penang Local Boy answers:

Yep, definitely the Batu Feringghi is much much more better.. Given the option, i would choose hydro majestic over d’feringghi as the later is a somewhat budget kind resort.. Hydro majestic is a 4 stars hotel…but do take note that the sea sport is sometimes not advisable at both area as there are a lot of jelly fishes and this is dangerous coz you dont wanna get stung by them and ruin your holiday..maybe you could stay in Penang and do your sea sport in Langkawi where it is much more better and lovely.. Just hop on those 1 1/2 hour ride of ferry from penang to langkawi and back to penang on the same day.

Hope this helps! Have fun!

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