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Donald asks…

does anyone know which bus is the fastest way to get from Dupont station to Georgetown Holiday Inn?

I know there is a Georgetown shuttle but that doesn’t take you anywhere near the hotel?

Penang Local Boy answers:

You can take the D2 bus from Q Street just above the Circle over to Wisconsin and Q, then walk uphill to the hotel which is about a half mile away; if you didn’t want to walk, you could get the northbound 36 bus from Wisconsin and Q (where the D2 lets you off). Or take a cab which will be a lot faster; should be about a $8 fare.

Chris asks…

Where do visiting teams stay in DC when playing Georgetown?

What hotel do visiting teams stay at when playing Georgetown?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I don’t know that there is any fixed hotel. Many college teams don’t even stay the night–it depends upon how far away they are, where they are headed next, and what transportation is planned. If they chose to stay the night, it’s up to them where they stay. I suspect that they don’t publicize the location, much like the professional teams, so as to provide some privacy for the coach and the players. If there’s a major reason for trying to find out (such as organizing an alumni get-together with the team), the alumni office or the athletics department at your college would be the place to ask.

Mark asks…

What is the building on the Georgetown (DC) waterfront that has odd architecture?

When driving into the city on the Whitehurst Freeway, aka K Street NW, I can see a number of buildings. I recognize the Kennedy Center and the Watergate Hotel, but there’s a concrete-looking building that’s right on the Georgetown waterfront. From the freeway you can mostly see the top of the building, there are some gardens up there etc. The architecture is kind of odd, lots of different heights and angles. What building is this?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Well, everyone is correct because (on the left) first you see the Flour Mill, and then Washington Harbour.

There is a petition to take down the Whitehurst Freeway, and just keep K Street (underneath) but it doesn’t get passed when it is brought up.

One unique feature of Washington Harbour is that it has Storm Walls which come up from the ground, and protect the area from water.

You really need to take a look at these beautiful areas from below the Freeway. Take K Street down the other way, or Wisconsin Avenue past M Street. When you get in to Georgetown, turn right onto Wisconsin Avenue.

There are famous sculptures, the canal is right there, and great restaurants, too.

Charles asks…

Are Oldtowne Alexandria, Virginia and Georgetown close in proximity?

I’d like to go to the Torpedo Factory Art Center but also visit Georgetown. Can you recommend a nice/average priced hotel in the vicinity? Thanks

Penang Local Boy answers:

I had friends come to visit the area and I found them a place near the Van Dorn street metro. I think it was a Comfort Inn or something. About as cheap as you are going to find.

From there, you can just get on the Washington Beltway (I-495) and head toward Alexandria.

Here’s a secret that not many people know. You can actually get an all day parking pass to park for FREE in Alexandria. You have to get the parking permit in person by visiting the Alexandria Vistor’s Center at Ramsay House, 221 King St. Passes are valid at two-hour metered spaces and available to non-Alexandria residents. License plate state and number required. The permit may be renewed once. You just place the parking permit on the dashboard of your vehicle, be sure to park at the 2-hour meters on the street ONLY, and the cops will not ticket your automobile.

From Alexandria, you can just head toward National Airport on the George Washington Parkway…past the airport…and it eventually takes you to the Key Bridge, which leads to Georgetown area.

My free parking advice should be enough to earn me best answer on this topic. Eh?

Lizzie asks…

Best Washinton DC hotels for family with 3 kids?

Do we stay downtown? Georgetown? We are attending my grandmothers funeral at Arlington and looking for a hotel. I dont have a clue where to go! We are coming from west coast with a 10 yr old, 3 yr old and 10 month old. Since we’ve never been there before, we thought we might as well tour the city. i dont have a clue…any help would be greatly appreciated! All i know is we need to be close to the metro.

Penang Local Boy answers:

If you plan to sightsee a little then you want to be in the city and near the metro. I wouldn’t suggest VA since you want to actually see the city. It can be a hassle getting from the train to a hotel. Yes, you can catch a cab…but who wants to commute 20-30 minutes back and forth from the hotel everytime you need to make a pit stop.
I’m originally from DC and whenever I go home to visit, I stay in a hotel. My favorite so far has been the Homewood Suites downtown. The bedroom is actually separate from the kitchen and “living room.” You have a full fridge and stove and microwave so you can take leftovers home or actually buy some small knick knacks from the whole foods (grocery store) down the street.
It’s within walking distance to a lot of things and close to the train so you can get around and see the monuments without being too far. I’m not sure how much it costs this time of year, but last time we stayed there it was about 110 a night.

There are of course better hotels downtown but they feel kind of stuffy especially for the price. I love the Grand Hyatt, but the price can soar to 300 a night some months, depending on what’s going on in the city.

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