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Donna asks…

Need hotel suggestion, recommendation in georgetown, washington DC?

A couple of questions.

I. I need to know if anyone can recommend a hotel closed to Georgetown University, Washington DC and yet the cost is less than $100 a night ( probably 2 adults, 1 kids) if possible. less than 5 miles drive will be fine.

2. How soon should I book the hotels, I may need 2 night 2 separate Sunday and Saturday (to pick up and send my kid for summer school) It will be around first week of July.

3. What is the common hotel policy (refund, change)

Penang Local Boy answers:

1. Hotels in Georgetown are expensive! You won’t get anything for $100 a night. This is true of just about all hotels in Washington.

You’re best bet is to look for a hotel in Virginia in the Rosslyn/Arlington area. Rosslyn is just across the bridge from Georgetown and easy walking distance. You might try:

Holiday Inn Hotel Arlington, 1900 North Fort Myer Drive, Arlington, VA (703) 807-2000
Key Bridge Marriott, 1401 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA (703) 524-6400

Do a search for hotels in that area till you find one that suits your budget.

2. Now.

3. That is for you to determine with the hotel of your choice.

Laura asks…

washington dc hotels help?

I need a nice hotel in Georgetown, Downtown, or Capitol hill that offers rooms with 2 beds for a resonable price.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I refer people to Capitol Hill Suites (corner of C and 3rd Streets SE about 3 blocks from the capitol). They have good rates and clean rooms. My folks stay there everytime they come ot town and love it! Http://

Good luck!

Donald asks…

Places to stay in Georgetown?

My boyfriend and I are visiting DC for one night in late Jan, and I am thinking that it would be nice to stay in Georgetown. I’d like to pay around $100 per night, if that’s realistic. So, 2 questions:

- If we stay in Georgetown, will we be abe to walk around? I know parking is not really an option in DC.
- Does anyone know of a nice B&B or hotel in Georgetown?


Penang Local Boy answers:

Georgetown is really great to walk around, shop, spa, eat, drink etc.

My friend likes the Monticello.

If you’ve got time, go see my friend Erwin Gomez at his spa/salon. He is a fabulous make up artist and he has great people for hair etc. I’m a piano bar junkie, so I always like to end up at Mr Smiths for singing (not romantic, but very fun)

Sandra asks…

Can you suggest me an hotel in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I put into Goggle Search:

Hotel Georgetwon Washington DC

This came back:

Hotel Monticello
– – (202) 337-0900
Georgetown University, Marriott Conference Hotel by Marriott
– – (202) 687-3243
Latham Hotel Georgetown
– – (202) 625-1881 – 108 reviews
Georgetown Inn Georgetown Collections, Dc
– – (202) 333-8900 -
Four Seasons-Washington DC
– – (202) 342-0444
Savoy Suites Hotel
– – (202) 337-9700
Georgetown Suites
– – (202) 298-7800
– – (202) 625-2150
Georgetown Suites Harbor
– – (202) 298-1600
Holiday Inn Washington-Georgetown
– – (877) 863-4780

This is my help from Washington, D.C. United States of America

John asks…

Is it legal for Companies and Universities to Connect to Your Computer?

I use an IP blocker which blocks certain IP adresses from my computer. The main IPs I see are from phone companies like AT&T and Universities like GeorgeTown.

Is it legal, or should it be legal for them to invade our privacy like this? I know they’re collecting information for research, but I also know they use this information to trace people.

Everybodies computer is being watched, even Hilton Hotels do this. They just built a new one close to where I am and thats when I started to see their IP being blocked

Penang Local Boy answers:

I highly doubt that the Companies and Universities are trying to connect to your computer.
What is the case is that students from the university are trying to hack, and customers from AT&T are trying the same as well.
If you want to complain, send the information from each attempt to abuse@ the appropriate domain.

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