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Richard asks…

Taxi available at West Falls Church Metro Station?

We are arriving at Dulles airport 5pm Saturday. We plan to take the coach which goes to the West Falls Church metro station. We would like to take a taxi from there to our hotel in Georgetown. Will it be easy to get a taxi at the metro station?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Although there is no guarantee, there will likely be a cab or two waiting there for riders. When he hears that you’re going all the way into Georgetown, your driver will be delighted!

By the way, if money is a factor, you may want to get on the Metro at West Falls Church and take it to the Rossyn station. From there, a taxi ride to Georgetown will be quick and less expensive.

Maria asks…

which DC hotel spa is better – Ritz Georgetown or Willard?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I like the Ritz.
The Body Bronzing is always nice, same with the massages.

Mary asks…

What is the cost of buying already cooked meals in Guyana?

I will be in Georgetown Guyana later this month and I would like to know how much I need to budget for meals. Like most places I expect meals in the hotel would be more expensive so I was wondering where I could get meals and at what prices.

Also what are the prices of transport, and any interesting tours that may be available.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Better to do some online research yourself on this. And Guyana isn’t a Caribbean country so it’s probably why you haven’t got the info you seek.

Betty asks…

Getting into Georgetown University?

This is by far my dream school. It is also my reach school. I would love nothing more than to get in. I wasn’t even aware until this summer of the broad range of colleges out there such as Georgetown-ie high rank, low acceptance percentages. So… the big question is, will I get in? There are two other girls I know of at my school who are applying. Both seem to be academically superior to me. But neither one of them want it as much as I do. Based on my credentials below, do you think I have a chance of getting in?

3.76 unweighted gpa (4.0 last semester)
In National Honor Society for two years
SAT (math, writing, reading) 1720
ACT 26
Christian Club for 3 years
Varsity Cheer 1 year
Cross Country 2 years (varsity 1 year)
Track 2 years
French Club 1 year

AP Calc
AP Lit- 3/5
AP Gov
AP Lang
AP Art
French III

Work experience:
3 years at hotel (receptionist,housekeeping)
~1 year Daycare
~1 year thrift store

Youth group and youth group band
Captain/ cocaptain of Relay for Life team (2 years)
Ran for ASB secretary
100s of hours community service
Attended NYLC in DC this past summer

There is more… I feel like my extracurriculars add up, but my academics are not high enough. ive been studying like CRAZY to retake the SAT. And my G-town interveiw is coming up. I just need helpful opinions. Please!

Penang Local Boy answers:

I just had my gtown interview today, its my top choice too and is def a reach for me as well. I think your activities are good but my gps is actually similar to yours and my interviewer was hinting that it was barely ok, but with that, i have taken 11 aps, and my sats were a bit higher (2180) and its still questionable for me, so i think if you bring up your sats and try to bring up your gpa, you’ll have a good chance, but its such a good school, even with the better grades its questionable

Daniel asks…

Experienced Washington DC visitors help please?

My family is going to be visiting the DC area in May. My parents are elderly but pretty healthy. In researching hotels I have found them to be quite high priced. I can afford $200.00 per night or so. I see hotel in my price range in the Georgetown area. Is Georgetown near the tourist site? If not are there buses or train going to the sites. Please advice or recommend a DC area to look for a hotel. Thank you.

Penang Local Boy answers:

From Georgetown you can take the Circulator buses to Union Station, which is right by the Capitol building (aka one end of the “tourist area”). So that’s fairly convenient for tourists. I live here so i wouldn’t know about hotels. Good luck.
Btw there are NO Metro stations in Georgetown, only buses.

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