Gurney Penang Faqs

Carol asks…

In Penang, Gurney drive was name after which famous person?

He was the one killed by the communist in his motorcade right?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Sir Henry Gurney, High Commissioner of Malaya (1950-1951)

Laura asks…

can u tell me which restaurant is the best to do a surprise birthday party in gurney plaza,penang?

is for my sister’s sweet16 birthday.i plan to do a surprise birthday party for her in a restaurant in gurney plaza but dun know which restaurant to do in.please help me..

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try to search at the ground floor! There are a lots of restaurant like BBQ chicken, coffee bean and tea leaf, chilli etc. Try to ask the people in the restaurants!

William asks…

Where is the location of Gurney Drive Hawker Centre in Penang?

I heard they moved away from the location where they have been in for many years

Penang Local Boy answers:

Gurney Drive (stalls located beside the Sunrise Tower and along the promenade)
Halal cuisine: Char koay teow, pasembor, see koh th’ng (lien chee kang), bubur chacha, muah chee (a delicious peanut dessert), burgers, Indian mee rebus and pasembor.
Non-halal cuisine: Wantan noodles, char koay teow, soupy noodles, lor bak, rice, dim sum, bak kut teh, mee jawa and beer.
Hours: Morning, lunch time and evenings. Opens until midnight.

Daniel asks…

I’m from Toronto Canada, planning to visit Penang, especially Gurney Drive.?

I remembered few years ago, when I visited there, it was closed.
I heard that it will be closed once a week.
I would like to know what day it is.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Currently holidaying in Penang – Gurney Drive and Plaza have been open the whole week. The plaza is open from about 10am till 10pm

Richard asks…

Do you like the taste of Rojak Pesambo in Penang at the Gurney Drive?


Which taste better Rojak Pasembur or the Chinese version of Rojak

Penang Local Boy answers:

Be careful when you order pasembor form the Ah Neh in Gurney, ask the price first, they are very famous in ketuk’ing people from out station….now i eat the chinese version as i have been ketuk by the Ah Neh too many times a plate can cost RM15 to RM20

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