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Laura asks…

who can tell me penang near komtar o gurney got room 4 rent bout RM250?

who can tell me penang near komtar o gurney got room 4 rent bout RM250?
i want 2 rent 1 room bout RM250 may be 4 3 month bout dec to march 4 work,and near gurney or komtar.if got pls contact me.Thanks…

Penang Local Boy answers:

Sorry no idea

Richard asks…

Where can I find swimming classes near Gurney or Pulau Tikus in Penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hrm.. Gurney or pulau tikus. Not sure. But i know there are these few swimming center with or without coaches.

Permata swimming center. In farlim
PISA ( the one i would reccomend) . Bayan Baru
PCSC( penang chinese swimming club) . In tanjung bungah

these are the few swimming centers that have coaches.

Susan asks…

What are the best places to eat in Malaysia?

I need a list of places to eat in Malaysia, but I can’t find much on the internet. It doesn’t matter which state it is in, but please include the name of the place and the state.

For example,
Gurney Drive (Penang)
Petaling Street (KL)

You can also put specific names of restaurants too, if you want.

Thank you!!!

Penang Local Boy answers:

Italian fine dining:
Villa Danielli Sheraton Imperial KL

Fusion french and Italian:
Flam Restaurant Bangsar Jalan Telawi KL next to a clinic.

Sushi and Sashimi:
Don Sushi Carrefour Subang Jaya
Hideki Sushi Jalan Bangsar KL

La Bodega Bangsar Shopping Centre or Jalan Telawi Bangsar KL

Fish Head Curry:
Off Jalan Ipoh KL, there is a huge restaurant there u can spot from the roadside.

Laksa shack. AVailable in all laksa shack chains of restaurant.

South China Sea Restaurant Subang Airport road Kuala Lumpur or
Chinese Restaurant at the roundabout Gurney Drive Penang.

Malay Seafood:
Seri Menanti restaurant behind the Royal Palace in Kuala Lumpur or
Port Klang Seafood in Klang or
Umbai Malacca.

Chicken Rice:
Hailam Chicken Rice Bukit BIntang KL and Off Jalan Klang Lama KL.

I dont mention Bodhi Tree KL because the restaurant sucks big time. Otherwise, there are too many of places to eat. Depending on your taste bud. Have fun.

Sandy asks…

Taxi prices in Penang, Malaysia?

I would appreciate if anyone can advice what is reasonable price to get from Penang airport to Evergreen Laurel hotel (Gurney drive) by taxi? I know, cabs are sometime doesn’t have any meters, so if I need to negotiate it what is normal fare? Thanks.

Penang Local Boy answers:

It is a fixed price for the taxi from any msian airport, you have to buy a ticket first, it is approx RM50 to RM60

Ken asks…

Any further updates on the Elvine Travel (Penang) matter?

A further update – the original question has been “resolved” but I wanted to post this for everyone..
I’ve now had (yesterday) a call from Jackson Koo at Elvine Travel (at least that’s what he claimed!). He says that someone is ‘scamming’ their promotion, and that the Malaysian and New Zealand police are investigating.
He has asked me to scan my prize card and send it to him for verification.
His email, should you wish to contact him is:
I’ve done some further internet searching. For a company claiming to have “branches all over Asia”, only the Penang address comes up on a search. On a Malaysian business directory they have a single line entry. Their only promotion seems to be a Bali trip.
Keen to know if anyone else has made contact. As someone says, for a “30-year old company” they have a tiny electronic footprint.
I have asked a Penang friend to check out their office at Gurney Plaza.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Thanks everyone for posting here.
I too have ‘won’ second prize from Elvine Travel, with a glossy brochure posted to my home address in New Zealand. No names included.
I recently stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong, so initially thought that’s how they got my address – but given the other postings here I suspect they’ve just spammed lots of NZ addresses.

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