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Lisa asks…

Do Komtar Penang citizen friendly?

i mean in terms of facilities. Do the Komtar fulfill the local people needs and tourist as well

Penang Local Boy answers:

Like any other part of the world, not all are friendly and not all are not friendly

Ken asks…

Bus from Bukit Mertajam to Komtar?

I’ve been a user of RapidPenang’s Bus 704 whenever I needed to go from BM to Penang but since that route is no longer available since April this year, anybody have any suggestions?

Well, I think I can get from BM Plaza to Penang Sentral fine, but I’m not sure where Penang Sentral is exactly… is that where I can take the ferry to Penang from? If so, I guess I can reach Penang that way, and from there hopefully I can take a bus to Komtar?

Well, I would prefer if there’s a direct route like 704 *sweatdrop*

Penang Local Boy answers:

Is penang sentral is the same with butterworth bus terminal?
I also don’t know but from butterworth bus terminal, you can take ferry to island and take bus to komtar.

Betty asks…

Malaysia! Why is The Komtar Traders Association’s Deputy President….?

not arrested and charged for public nuisance. He being a leader is showing no bloody respect for the Chief Minister of the State. He is asking the Chief Minister for a fist fight, I wish I was there in Penang, I will take him on anytime. He is a bad example of Malaysian culture and makes a mockery of the democratic system. I consider him a coward.
Does anyone know how I can contact him or send him a mail to a challenge of Arm Wrestling. If looser has to crawl under the winner and the winner can smack the loosers’s backside with a school ruler twice. Please help me. I am serious. I know I can take this moron.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Because he studied in Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan

Susan asks…

do u guys love komtar, penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yup, I do.
Had lots of great time there when I was studying in Penang from 1993-1995.
Bought loads of sneakers from Rico Sports.
Bought my first Oakleys there as well.
The place to hang out & shop before all the other malls like Midlands & Penang Plaza came into operation.

Linda asks…

bus fare from johor to penang?

do any of you know the price of a normal bus fare from lakin johor to penang komtar penang in RM ringit
It can be any bus

Penang Local Boy answers:

The bus fare for VIP – SVIP seaters price range from $60 RM (off peak normal days) to +- $ 120 RM during peak festive seasons (CNY etc..)

For the normal buses… I am not so sure

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