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Donald asks…

How to travel from Penang International airport to Hatyai?

Anyone know how to go to Hatyai from Penang airport? How much is cost & what time the taxi or bus leave penang? & how long it take to reach ? Pls kindly give me some ideal, coz i ‘m going to hatyai from penang…….. thanks

Penang Local Boy answers:

You take the airport taxi to Chulia Street approx RM50

from there take a van to Hadyai, there are van in the morning but there is none in the evening, the cost is approx RM40, journey about 3 hrs, there are few location in Hadyai that they will drop you, most of the tourist go down at Lee Garden, that is the middle of the city, this is second fasterst way but the it is quite cheap to do so, there is no schedule, they will just wait until the van is full then they will departure, of course the cheapest way is to take a bus from the airport to chulia street, but our bus service is very unreliable

the fastest way is to take a taxi to bukit kayu hitam then change into a thai taxi to go to hadyai, it is about 3 hrs, the cost will be very expensive approx RM300 to RM400, you have to bargain, there is no fix price

other alternative is to take a bus or taxi to the Penang ferry terminal, take a ferry to butterworth for free, then take a train to hadyai, the train station is just beside the terminal, there is a train departure on 2.20 pm and arrive in hadyai at 7.30 pm

Hadyai is a sex tourism city, there is not much things to see other than pretty sexy women

John asks…

How much is taxi fare from Penang International Airport to Georgetown?

I understand the taxi fares are fixed at Penang In’t Airport and I can get the voucher from the counter.

I need to know the exact fare from Penang International Airport to Georgetown.

. Eg: RM$40?

Thank you~

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes, upon coming out from the custom check point, turn right, the taxi ticket counter is just about 30 feet way at the middle of the walk way

if i am not mistaken it is RM45, can’t really remember, it is a fixed price so don’t worry of getting ripped

Betty asks…

from penang airport what is the cheapest way to go to georgetown? thk?

beside taxi, is there a bus service to georgetown?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes there is rapid penang bus service

Ken asks…

Transport from Penang Airport to Hatyai?

anyone knows which transport companies offer minivans to ferry 5 pax from Penang airport to Hatyai and what’s the rate?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Why you travel 5 person that is troublesome, next time travel four the max.

From the airport you take two taxis to chulia street, ( approx RM45 – 50 per taxi ) there are van services to Hadyai, there is no schedule, they will depart only when they have pick up enough passengers, ( approx RM22 per person ) journey 2.15 hours, there are many stops in Hadyai, normally for Msian tourists they stop at Lee Garden, that is exactly in the center of the town

remember to go to pink lady, it is at the same row with Lee Garden

Donna asks…

What is the phone number of person who in charge at Penang Airport parking place?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I know that guy, he is not handsome, quite dark, almost bald and passed retirement age,

i am more handsome, so i suggest you don’t date him and date me instead

my mobile 012 421 8228

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