Penang Airport Faqs

David asks…

Is there a public bus from Penang Airport to Towns?

If I need to walk. For how long?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes there is the Rapid bus system.If u dont’t get it at the airport than just walk a short distance to the main road,cut across & find a bus stand.
Not a big deal but a big saving on taxi fare.

Nancy asks…

I want to take home to medan longkong fruits from penang airport, around 10 kg , is it allowed?

Penang Local Boy answers:

You would most likely have to declare it but most countries do not allow you to bring in fresh fruit and flowers because the fruit or flowers can have insects which can attack and destroy native crops. Therefore I suggest you find out the laws before you bring something in because if customs detects it, they may throw it out and make you pay a fine.

Richard asks…

is there a vip lounge or business center at Penang International Airport?

Will be there for a couple of hours and need somewhere to put my feet up.

Penang Local Boy answers:

None, per se. But three or four airlines have lounges for first and business class travelers. I think they’re Malaysian, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines.

Betty asks…

How to go University Utara Malaysia (UUM) Alor Star from Penang Airport? Any direct bus?

Penang Local Boy answers:

You can take a bus to ferry terminal, cross to butterworth and the bus station is just beside butterworth ferry terminal, take a bus to Sahab bus station alor setar, it is about 1.5 hrs journey , from there take a bus to Changlun, from there change another bus to UUM, UUM is not in Alor Setar it is in Sintok from there you can even walk to Thai border

if you have a lot of luggage just take a taxi from airport to UUM, i think it is about RM200 you have to call Penang airport to check the actual price, it is about 200 km

Linda asks…

How long does it take to get from KL Airport to Penang ?

I’m visiting Malaysia in early July with my family…I want to know how long the ride is and how much it will cost;…we’re 7 people so we will probably have to book a mini van or something….what is the best mthod of getting there? Is there a bus service or train….how much will that cost?
My flight is already booked for KL…I have to get to Penang the same day…my flight lands around 3.30 so I guess I’ll be outside by 5 keeping all the bottleneck at immigration in mind…Im travelling with family so going to KL town first and then from there to Penang sounds hectic…are there any alternatives?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Bus will be cheaper for a 7 person to travel from KL to Penang. It cost about RM30/person. It’ll take 6 hours to reach the destination. Booking a mini van is more expensive, I’m not sure about the price. The bus service are good enough. A better bus service is “Transional” or “Super Ria” (but this one not so safe because the driver drives quite fast).

But the problem is, if you want to take bus, I think there’s no bus go to Penang from KLIA. You have to go to Pudu Bus Station at the town to take bus to Penang. You can take the train from KLIA to KL town (which is quite confused) or just take taxi to KL town. I’m not sure bout this, maybe you should ask the airport staff once you at KLIA.

There’s another way to get to Penang at KL Airport, go by flight! From KL take flight to Penang. I’m not sure which flight company are you taking and which country are you from, there are some international flights are going to Penang International Airport too.

Hope that this will help, enjoy!

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