Penang Airport Faqs

Richard asks…

What is the parking rate at Penang Airport perday, i need to park four days?

Penang Local Boy answers:

3 or 4? Make your mind up dear!

James asks…

what is the parking rate at penang airport per day?

I wish to park there for 2 days..

Penang Local Boy answers:

I think 30RM

Mandy asks…

Car rental companies at Penang Airport (PEN)?

Anyone knows the latest list of car rental companies at Penang Airport. Searched on the web and there’s a decent list including National, Budget, etc.

But when I go the company websites to search for rates, only Avis and Hertz actually Penang listed as a location for car pick-up.

Any good ones to recommend, other than these two?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hey check this out…


Donna asks…

practical training at penang airport?

i am going to finish my diploma in tourism management in 2011.
but before that, i have to do practical training in my last semester.
at now i am still in semester 4 which mean next semester i have to find it as soon as possible.
i am looking to do the practical at the penang airport since for me, it will
help me to adopt a lot of benefits in touring environment and i want to be a stewardess in the future.. i really hopes that someone can help me on how to apply

Penang Local Boy answers:

It’s good to know that you have a plan for the future and I wish you good luck in your future undertakings.

Try writing to MAHB and state it clearly in your letter that you are applying for internship at the Penang Airport. Put all your contact details in your CV; phone, e-mail and post and keep your fingers crossed!

Human Resource Services – Talent Supply
Corporate Office
Persiaran Korporat KLIA
64000 KLIA, Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan


John asks…

Backpack at Penang Airport for 6 hours.?

I will be in Penang for only 6 hours. Is there a place to leave (lockers, stores, services …) my backpack at the airport. I know that Air Asia will accept the luggage only 2 hours before the departure.

Penang Local Boy answers:

There are no luggage room facility at the airport or elsewhere around the area..what i can suggest to is that its either you bring it along with you or maybe you can get a room at any backpacker’s hotel for the price of a half day stay and leave your bags in the room..

Click on this link and scroll down until almost in the end and find the accommodation listing under ‘budget’ or backpackers

good luck! And happy travelling!

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