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Chris asks…

what is the current second largest airport in malaysia???

KLIA is the undisputed largest airport in Malaysia, but how about the 2nd largest airport in malaysia??? is it kota kinabalu airport, kuching airport or penang airport???

Penang Local Boy answers:

Kota Kinabalu is the second busiest International airport in Malaysia.

You planning a holiday??

I live and work in Georgetown, Penang Island – This is Malaysia’s most interesting town, awash with history, culture and the best street food in the country. It’s at it’s best during the Chinese New Year.

There are some decent beaches, though not comparable to Tioman island.

Mandy asks…

any family of 4 wish to travel to malaysia and stay for free?

I wish to have Muslim (Sunni) English or Arabic native speaker to visit us and stay with our children in malaysia for a week. You must be in a family of 4. Your children must not be more than 20 yrs old. Food & accomodation provided. Travelling at your expenses. We will pick you up at Penang Airport.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Exceptionaly generous, astounishingly nice of you, Thank you, but l have to decline your respectable offer, in favour of my own humble dwelling.

William asks…

How to reach airport in Johor Bahru from Singapore by 9.30a.m. in the morning?

I am looking at taking public or private transportation to the airport to catch my flight from JB to Penang.

Penang Local Boy answers:

If you can afford, pay S$50 take a cab from Queen Street to Senai Airport. Don’t have to worry about traffic congestion unless it’s weekend. During weekdays, only coming out would be congested, not going in. So get a cab by 8.00, you can reach there comfortably before 9.30.

If you prefer public transport, take 160 from Kranji MRT (don’t take from Jurong East, very far) to Kota Raya, City Lounge is at Kota Raya. From there you can catch a bus to Senai Airport at RM8. You would probably need to catch the 7.45 bus, meaning you have to reach Kota Raya at around 7.30. So you need to reach Kranji MRT around 6.45.

Alternatively, you can also reach JB at 8.15, take a malaysia cab to Senai Airport, that’ll cost you around RM40 – RM50.

David asks…

Any UK/US/Canada college student (2 or 3) wish to travel to Malaysia and stay for free in Dec 08?

I wish to have English or Arabic native speaker to visit us and stay with our children in Malaysia for a week. You must be about 20 yrs old. Food & accommodations provided. Traveling at your expenses. We will pick you up at Penang Airport. Alcoholic and smokers not invited.Able to stay with Muslim family.

Penang Local Boy answers:

What are the visa requirements for Malaysia?

Jenny asks…

What’s transiting through Doha, Qatar airport like?

I’m flying back to Malaysia soon from the States. Washington DC —-> Doha —-> Kuala Lumpur —-> Penang

What’s it like transiting through there? I have an hour & 40 minutes transit time, I heard you have to travel by their buses to transit? Since there’s still renovations on the new airport or something?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes, for the main time all travelers will have to be driven by buses to the terminals since the constructions are taking place for the new airport that will be finished in mid 2013.
Do your best to arrive at the transit terminal on the first buses, since most travelers from DC have further destinations.
And by that you will have more time to rest and stretch between flights.

Have a safe flight.

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