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Joseph asks…

when going to penang malaysia do i have to book a hotel or can i just get one when i arrive there?

i just want to double check if its better i book the hotel now or once i arrive there dont want the people at the airport think wrong of me like im going to overstay or want to live there illegally and if i book it now can i do it for 3 days and then change it just in case i dont like it?

Penang Local Boy answers:

The people at the airport aren’t going to know if you booked a hotel or not and don’t care. They will still ask the same questions at customs and stamp your passport the same. You fret over all the wrong things. Just go and enjoy your trip.

Lizzie asks…

Do I need to recheck my luggage in after the plane has landed during the in transit?

e.g; I’m flying to Penang from Kota Kinabalu,the plane stops by Kuala Lumpur in transit to Penang,I’ve checked my luggage in at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport,do I need to take my luggage and check them in again at Kuala Lumpur International Airport during the in transit,or the luggage will be flown to Penang from KKIA?Or else? I seriously have no idea! This is my first flight out,alone.Thanks for answering!

Penang Local Boy answers:

It depends on a few things.

Firstly, when you check in at Kota Kinabalu, the person at the check in desk usually will ask – “Do you want to pick your luggage up at Kuala Lumpur or Penang?” Then you should answer which ever one you want. Normally if your transit is not very long, they will automatically check your luggage the whole way through. Like I had a transit in China last month on the way to and from Europe. My first trip they asked me where I’d like to pick my luggage up. But the second time they just checked it all the way to my final destination.

Secondly, if both your flights are with the same airline, then most of the time it’ll be checked through to the final destination. But if they are different airlines, sometimes you might have to pick your luggage up and then re-check in.

All in all, just ask at the check in desk – “Where do I pick up my luggage?” and that’ll be your answer!

Happy Travels

Jenny asks…

PENANG HELP!!!! please?

Hi im travelling to Penang soonish and i need a few hints and advice on these questions
1. Where are the best places to stay and do stuff in penang?
2. What is my best choice of transport from airport to batu ferringhi or somewhere close? and how much?
3.Am i better off booking accommodation before i go or when i get there? im kinda on a bit of a budget but i still want something with reasonable facilities and quality.
4. What kind of shopping items am i likely to see?

if you could answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated thankyou in advance.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Lots of hotels in Penang along Batu Ferringhi like Golden Sands, Mutiara, or in the city area like Shangrila, Berjaya, Cititel,etc.

Take the bus or taxi if you can afford.

Plenty ot places to visit – Kek Lok Si, Gurney Drive, Air Hitam, get one of those travel guides from the hotels.

Eat to your heart’s content along Gurney Drive. But prices aren’t that cheap any more.

Budget hotels can be booked online. Just search and have patience
doing it.

Shopping? Local delicacies like tau sar peah, nutmeg, belacan, etc.

James asks…

Any experince on losing thing at Airport -MAS?

I flew from Penang to KLIA last Friday by MAS flight, I put my bag in luggage, suddenly when arrived at KLIA I found front pocket of my was was opened and my camera was gone.
I straight away made a report.
Anybody familiar with this situation? Will MAS compensate me? TQ

Penang Local Boy answers:

Did you check at the Lost and Found?

About MAS compensating, i think you better check with them directly. Keep following-up with them.

Maybe you can check this link. Hope it helps.


Michael asks…

Travel, Documentation, Passport?

Okay, So my flight is Monday,

from Albany Airport, To Newark, to Stockholm Sweden, To Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia, to Penang International Airport

So, My US Passport is still in process & will be done in a couple of weeks

Im a US Citizen, but I also have a 2005 Malaysian Passport

That means I dont have an I-94

UGhhh isnt it going to cause problems? Oh yeah, Im travelling alone….

Is it going to cause any issues??? A us citizen with a Malaysian Passport without an I-94 going to Malaysian

I’m 15, and Im coming back in October

Penang Local Boy answers:

If you travel next Monday you should wait for US Passport

If you returned home with your Form I-94 (white) or Form I-94W (green) Departure Record in your passport, it is possible that your departure was not recorded properly.

If you departed by a commercial air or sea carrier (airlines or cruise ships), your departure from the U.S. Can be independently verified, and it is not necessary to take any further action, although holding on to your outbound (from the U.S.) boarding pass – if you still have it – can help expedite your re-entry next time you come back to the United States.

CBP may conclude you remained in the U.S. Beyond your authorized stay. If this happens, your visa may be subject to cancellation or you may be returned immediately to your foreign point of origin.

CBP=U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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