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Mary asks…

Penangites, how much a taxi will charge me from jetty to the airport?

i need to go the airport from the jetty. i know there are rapid penang, but i do worry about its frequency (jetty-airport). using taxi is just my back up plan, as i know it cost way more than rapid. anyone knows?
mazlan, in ringgit please? =)
so funny kamen. u try la use bicycle to bayan lepas.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Depends on every taxi driver. Negotiating a fare is also a must. Trust me you will find a good fare. I would say 25 Malaysian ringgit.

Nancy asks…

Please help about Penang? Urgent?

How far is Eastin Hotel Penang from Penang airport?

Do I ask the taxi driver to run by meter or quote a fee?
Please help

Penang Local Boy answers:

Is about 10 km from Eastin Hotel Penang to Penang Airport,

Pertaining taxi, ask the driver to run by meter.

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Joseph asks…

anybody knows until what time the budget taxi counter at LCCT offer its service? ?

cuz im thinking of taking the last air asia flight from penang to lcct on 1st october which will arrive around 12 midnight.

and what about subang airport? do they have taxi budget service? until what time?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I believe that their operating hour is non-stop..24hrs.

Chris asks…

From kuala lumpur to penang?

I will be flying in to kuala lumpur but my final destination is penang. how far is the bus station (if i want to take a bus to penang) from kuala lumpur international airport and what would the taxi charge for the route. also are the buses air conditioned. is the route safe ? i m looking for cheap n safe transport

Penang Local Boy answers:

The bus station is about 20 miles away, and the taxi charge would be around 2000 rupees.

Carol asks…

Help needed with Malaysia Itinerary?

I will reach Malaysia LCC via Air Asia on 8th & have a flight to Langkawi late evening 20:00 on 9th. Again I have to travel to Penang on 11th Afternoon by Ferry & will leave on 12th Morning for Singapore.

Now friends, can you help me fit the best itinerary starting from 8th Morning LCC to 12th Morning Penang Airport. I would love visit mesmerizing locations, have fun and shop a lot. However I would like to give a miss to historical, political & religious places. I don’t mind spending on entertainment but in terms of Hotel & Transport, I like value for money. I will travel by Metro instead of Taxi if comfortable. Similarly I will prefer a 2* Hotel in excellent location over a 4* in so-so one. I was searching the net for the best program, but I guess with your help I might get a shortcut.

So far my program is:
8th Morning, Take early morning Malaysia Tour preferable to Twin Tower revolving restaurant
Check in to a Hotel near Bukt Bintang around noon
Visit all shopping malls till late evening followed by night clubs
Early morning leave for Genting & be back by evening for flight to Langkawi

Please see if I am planning feasible time lines.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I see you have planned well but should miss the revolving restaurant because I think you need a reservation to get in. If you are trying your luck with the casino in Genting, bet on red. In Langkawi, they have a beach called Pantai Cenang. They have a nice choice of chalets there which will fit your budget. Don’t forget Batu Feringgi beach in Penang. Happy holidays.

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