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Robert asks…

What are the Penang attractions for tourists?

Penang Local Boy answers:

The most obvious would be Batu Ferringhi (for the beach and the night markets i.e. Pasar malam). There are the multitudes of temples – e.g. Kek Lok Si, the snake temple, Khoo Kongsi (which is kind of a temple/clan museum), etc. Other than that there is the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion (which is rumoured to be haunted, so say my relatives in Penang), the botanic gardens, city hall esplanade (where you could go for a ride around the block in a trishaw) and Penang Hill. That’s just off the top of my head.

Check out if you want a more comprehensive list.

Donald asks…

Penang Tourist Attractions?

Going to Penang next week for job inspection, thinking of use the weekend break to visit some of tourist attraction, any places worth to visit as i’m first time to Penang.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Penang, often referred to as the Pearl of the Orient, is one of the most picturesque and romantic cities in all of Asia. This tropical island lies in the Indian Ocean, just off the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang received its name from the Pinang, or Betel Nut tree, once commonly found on the island. Established as the first British trading post in the Far East in 1776, Penang today is a bustling metropolis reflecting a uniquely exotic blend of East and West.

On Penang Island sits the capital, Georgetown, a city steeped in history and tradition yet sparkling with progress and modern development. Certain sections of Penang present a quaint picture from the past where narrow side streets, trishaws, temples and traders plying their goods, seem to belong to a forgotten era. Penang is a shopper’s paradise for goods old and new, at bargain prices.

The island also boasts some of the best food in the region, ranging from fabulous Chinese, Malay and Nyonya cuisines to foodstall favourites like nasi kandar, char kway teow and penang laksa, all of which are cooked in a uniquely ‘Penang’ way.

You can check on the Malaysia Travel Information portal ( to gather more information, key tips and highlight that is usefull for your trip there.

Enjoy your trip there!

Susan asks…

Where is the tourist attraction spot in Penang?

I was planning to go to Sabah ,but I heard Penang residents are much friendlier. Any penang resident here?

*Ladies only*

Penang Local Boy answers:

Lotsa interesting places in penang…
To name a few….
Batu feringghi, taman rimba, butterfly farm, fruit farm, p.ramlee’s house, kek lok si temple, penang hill, botanical garden, snake temple, war museum, gurney drive, padang kota lama, sleeping buddha temple, toy museum, bird park and others.come check out for yourself!!

James asks…

What are the must visiting places in Penang?

I am going to visit Penang, Malaysia for 3 days. What are the attractions worth to visit?

Penang Local Boy answers:

The following is a list of must-see places in Penang…

Penang Hill
Kek Lok Si Temple
Butterfly Farm
War Museum
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
Fort Cornwallis
Tropical Spice Garden
Tropical Fruit Farm
Khoo Kongsi
Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

Laura asks…

Which is the best and cleanest hotel to stay in in Penang Malaysia and which are the must see attractions!?

I only have 2 days and I have 2 elderly people with one toddler and another young child. Where shall I stay and where should I go?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Probably you are best of to stay in one of the better (4 or 5 star) hotels in Georgetown. Bayview hotel can be recommended, it gets good ratings, but you may need to book in advance. It’s location is nice, near the city centre and overviewing the sea.

You can have a look at this website for some ideas:

It has link to hotels with prices and locations listed, and also things to do and places to visit.

Georgetown is an interesting town just to walk around and see all the old clan houses, some streets seem to be stuck in the 1970s and you really get the olden days charm. With elderly people and children, walking may not be the most convenient way to move around though, but there are cycle-rickshaws that can take you around as well and you can hire them for the day too. They also know about the local attractions, so they might be able to give you some good ideas of where to go as well.

Some things that are interesting:
- guided tour in Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (an old clan house, and you can even stay in some of the rooms as they have converted it into a hotel). Guided tours twice daily.
- stroll along the seaside esplanade
- try the local food from the hawker stalls that appear in the evening time (must not miss the famous Penang Laksa and the prawn noodles).
Gurney Drive is a good place to try this, and catch the sunset there as well.
- Kek Lok Si Temple – a Buddhist temple on a hill

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