Penang Bridge Faqs

John asks…

Are there any lobster or crab under Penang bridge or London bridge?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes, yes, yes….many crabs under Penang Bridge.
Yes, yes….several big shrimps under London Bridge.
Yes, I did catch some under both bridges…..for real.

Donna asks…

how often Malaysian fish went for a fishing in Malaysia during night (especially under the penang bridge)?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Twice on a tuesday

Betty asks…

what to do under the penang bridge in malaysia? can i meet burung gagak there?but i hope the buntal not jeles?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes, you can meet ”burung gagak” under Penang Bridge.
But, please be careful that you do not see anyone “hanging” by the side in ambush…..oh, that was like before the CCTV’s were installed….lol…..

Mark asks…

Penang Bridge Marathon Participants?

any yammers running on the 16 Nov? Tips to share?
Preparation status to share?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Lol to Bean (original) answer …

I wished I can but no money to participate as I recently participated in the Borneo International Marathon …

There are many tips to share but one thing I like to share is : -

Go easy first on the first half and then give all you have on the home stretch … Forget about the Kenyans … They are world apart from us here … Unless you can run consistently at a pace of 3 minutes per km, then you have hope in challenging them …

16 Nov is about 2 weeks away from now and you should be tappering off from your buildup preparation …for a marathon, it can be 16 weeks to glory … For a human, it is 9 months to see light … Lol

Mandy asks…

how many lamp post are there on the penang bridge?

Penang Local Boy answers:


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