Penang Bridge Faqs

William asks…

Did Penang second bridge is under construction?

Penang Local Boy answers:


Jenny asks…

penang bridge close?

why is it closed today?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Dinosaur is coming!!!!!!!!

Thomas asks…

Anyone knows if the stretch of road leading to Penang Int’l Airport is flooded…?

Is the whole stretch of road from Penang Bridge to the Airport flood-free today?
I mean ”accessible”….. lol. Sure, the ring road or whatever is high, but what about the roads leading to and from them….jeeeez….I hope someone understands me today….hahaha….excited because I have guests coming over.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hey,, i just used the road about a hour ago, it not flooded,, in fact the traffic is very clear since it has stopped raining for a while.
U have any other question, just email me. Its very near my place.

Sandra asks…

Is this the dynamic leadernship BN needs?

The PM has just announced cancellation of the 2nd Penang bridge project. One of the reasons given is that they must make sure the bridge design is the most suitable. Is George Bush moonlighting as his speech writer?

Penang Local Boy answers:

If China can built one of the largest and sophiscated airport in the world in 4 years, i wonder how long will Malaysian govt. Takes to tackle the problems with land acquisition, design and the price of the materials……

Robert asks…

How to bite the medal u won?

*hint* *
Penang bridge internation marathon yesterday,, hint*
it was the medal that put me into tears after hours of suffering,,
it was the medal that put me into tears after hours of suffering,,

Penang Local Boy answers:

Err…just bite like how you are biting your nail in your avatar !
Anyway congrat!! Now you will be given a ‘datukship’ …you now will be called ‘Datuk Debica’ ….ehehehh !

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