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Charles asks…

I’m a new student at USM penang and i want to know about many things like?

where is the shopping center
where i can wish my clothes
where i can by Magazine and news peper
can i order food and the restarant can deliverd it to my hostel

many things i feel bord

Penang Local Boy answers:

I think you should explore around the island. Take a bus or a cab. Penang has the best food in the country.

William asks…

Can anybody tell me about Penang??

JUz wanna Noe a lil’ bit bout Penang, so dat i won’t get lost if i go jalan2 there.. Hotel, motel, nice place, mall, or bout foods maybe… Thanx!!

Penang Local Boy answers:

You will find details about hotels in

Most of Penang’s fancier accommodation is in the form of beach resorts on the main tourist beach of Batu Feringghi. More backpacker-friendly options, as well as a few classical luxury hotels, can be found in Georgetown.

Equatorial Penang,[46]. 1 Jalan Bukit Jambul, Phone:+60-4-643 8111, Fax:+60-4-881 1180 [47]. Located on the east coast of Penang, convenient to the airport and its industrial area, but less so for the beach-loving tourist.

About malls in

About food: you have reached the perl of food!

Penang offers plenty of good, cheap Malaysian food, but is famed throughout the rest of the country for some specialities. Topping the list are:

Assam Laksa – a far cry from the sweet, coconutty Singaporean version, this noodle soup comes with sour broth flavored with tamarind (assam) with pureed fish, fruits, veggies and a generous helping of chili mixed in. Watch out, the combination is powerful and will have the uninitiated breathing fire!
Penang Char Keow Teow (炒馃条) – a local interpretation of the ubiquitous stir-fried flat rice noodles, tossed with bean sprouts, cockles, and anything else the chef has handy. Eggs are additional and cockles can be opt out if preferred by the customer; request when placing order. Some said the best Char Keow Teow can be found at Lorong Selamat but it cost at least RM5 per plate and that only if you have the patience of a saint to wait for it.
Kaya (a type of jam) – which is a mixture of eggs and cocount milk to be spread over anything you want and according to some the best kaya is at a little coffee shop at the end of Madras Lane.
Coconut tart – If you have eaten egg tart before then instead of the egg put in some coconut and voila! You get coconut tart and definitely the best is at Cintra Lane.
Cendol – a mixture of blended ice with big mushy red beans with gula melaka thrown in. This will satisfy anyone even if it is raining. Cendol can be found anywhere but the best is at Penang Road.
Penang lobak – a mix of deep fried pork, tofu and shrimp rolls, served with dipping sauces.
Penang Sar Hor Fun (炒河粉) – a local dish with koay teow (flat rice cakes) in a delicious broth of beaten eggs and seafood bits. Goes best with prickled green chillies.
As you might expect on an island seafood is abundant. Head for the fishing village of Teluk Bahang in the north, or go to Batu Maung / Teluk Kumbar in the south for fresh fare at local prices.

If you are a durian fan, that’s the place to go.

Jenny asks…

What is Penang known for?

food? list as many as possible :]

and location if possible. thanks

Penang Local Boy answers:

Old buildings
penang bridge
food ~ maybe along Gurney drive, idk
penang hill
kek lok si
buah pala~ jeruk one. =)

George asks…

any recommended shop in penang (Malaysia) for birthday discount?

anything… food, clothes, shoeses…….just any discount

Penang Local Boy answers:

Giordano used to have birthday discounts, not sure if it’s still running.

Linda asks…

places to eat in hong kong? recommendations?

going to HK next month for a couple of days from penang with my family. We eat local ethnic food in penang and want to do the same in HK. can you recommend dishes and places to go where the locals go for the best food.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Welcome to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient! HK is famous as a shopping, dining paradise, you can literally find all sorts of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, expensive and cheap all over town. Classy 5 star restaurants are located inside 4-5 star hotels and inside top grade commercial buildings located in business and tourists downtown core.

A good dim sum restaurant is Jade Garden which is located in the Low Rise of City Hall, close by the sea front in Central District. Another one is Luk Yu Restaurant located in Wellington Street, nearby Lan Kwai Fong in Central District.

For seafood you could try the Seafood Street in Sai Kung District, New Territories.

Kowloon City District, across the street of the old Kai Tak Airport is where South East Asian cuisine are.

A half-century old Chinese Restaurant located in an old building situated in a corner of the Temple Street, Yaumeitai District is where affordable Chinese food is served. They even serve abalone and sharks fins at half or a third the price of a 5 star restaurant without charging expensive service fees, tea money etc as in nice restaurants. They also have Hong Kong style milk tea which is a must for tourist. Check and have a wonderful stay in a wonderful City!

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