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William asks…

Why many Chinese that migrate to Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak doesn’t know Kung Fu but they?

know how to cook good food, particularly the Hokkien people just look at Penang and Kuching.


Penang Local Boy answers:

I use kung fu to cook rice, fry chicken n slay fish,.. HAiiiiYAkkkk~~~!!!

David asks…

what are the diffrents for Laksa Penang , Laksa Sarawak and Laksa Johor?

i want to know the diffrents features of these Malaysian Food

Penang Local Boy answers:

Over in Malaysia, Laksa is a popular farinaceous dish among Malaysians. You are correct to say they are different, in serving style, taste and in ingredients used.
In terms of differences, Laksa Penang tastes sourish, having the stock soup similat to tom yam, yet different. Laksa Sarawak’s soup base has milk in the soup while Laksa Johor uses spaghetti as its noodle base.

To find out more, go to

This side is helpful for all things malaysian food.

Mark asks…

downloads songs to mobile phone

Recently, I came across these two songs>Penang Hokkien Food Song and Ji Pa Ban. I would like to have these two songs download to my handphone, any friends can tell me which website for these songs? Tks much.

Penang Local Boy answers:


Laura asks…

Heinz “Chilli” with yellow label?

Where can I find Heinz Chilli sauce with the yellow label? I used it frequently when I visited Malaysia, but I cannot find it in US stores or online. The Heinz with the yellow label spells it “chilli” instead of “chili,” which makes me wonder if it is some sort of knock-off of the US Heinz Chili sauce with the white label. Does anyone have information about where I can find the yellow-labeled Heinz “Chilli” sauce? It tastes much spicier than the American Heinz Chili sauce. Here is a link with a picture of a bottle of chilli sauce next to a bottle of ketchup in Penang, Malaysia:

Penang Local Boy answers:

It is sold in malaysia and overseas only..i suggest talking to an international market, see if they can get you some

Betty asks…

Is this just a late period, or…?

I am sexually active. My boyfriend and I always, ALWAYS use condoms, and we always ensure that the condom never breaks or spills and that his semen makes no contact with me. The last time we had sex was last month.

The last time I had my period was around November 3rd. My period before then was on the 27th of September, then the 13th of August. I expected to have my next period around December 8th or so, but nothing D:

I’ve been getting some cramps (some subtle, some really, really painful) for the past two weeks or so, and migraines as well, and I’ve been craving my usual period food (chicken quesedillas, penang curry, Snickers and Twix bars…mmm) but no sign of bleeding at all. My nipples began to get sore the other night and they still are.

For my past two periods, I didn’t display any of my usual symptoms of cramping, breaking out or getting sore breasts, so I’m not really expecting to get any of those this time around either.

After having sex with my boyfriend, I haven’t once felt any changes in my body, such as nausea or morning sickness, I didn’t have any bloody discharge (for possible implantation bleeding), nor have I been having any strange cravings for anything.

I know stress, change of diet, exercise and tons of other things can cause a late period, but I’ve been feeling quite fine lately and I haven’t really changed anything at all. But, then again, I never really had a steady cycle…is this normal?

My boyfriend and I are going to grab a pregnancy test this Monday.

It’s really annoying, it’s like I’m always on the verge of starting my period, but the blood never comes D:

Penang Local Boy answers:

Under the circumstances explained by you it is better to go for a pregnancy test to exclude a rare chance of pregnancy.

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