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William asks…

Searching for caring Golden Retriever lover.?

Hi! I’m looking for a dedicated, caring Golden Retriever lover.
Details about my dog:

Gender : Female
Age : 2 year old
Personaliti : Playful, likes to sleep in the afternoon, loves to be near to people and dig holes when left for more than 4 hours alone.

Qualities wanted:
-loves dogs
-willing to spend RM 150 one month for the dog
-will provide food twice a day and clean water at all times
-willing to take out at least 2 hours every day to play with the dog
-doesn’t have other pets like cats or rabbits or other small mammals, even small dogs.
-*staying in Penang landed houses. VERY IMPORTANT!!!
-not hot-tempered, and won’t abuse the dog.
-will love the dog unconditionally and will not tie the dog up for the whole day or more than 4 hours.

We love our dog very much and we don’t want to leave her with someone we don’t trust. If interested please email : Thank you so much!

Penang Local Boy answers:

Retriever rescue is the best bet ; they love the breed; have the experience and screen homes so once they find one it will be permanent; go to the best for your dog ; not sure what area but they can direct you

Sandra asks…

Heinz “Chilli” with yellow label?

Where can I find Heinz Chilli sauce with the yellow label? I used it frequently when I visited Malaysia, but I cannot find it in US stores or online. The Heinz with the yellow label spells it “chilli” instead of “chili,” which makes me wonder if it is some sort of knock-off of the US Heinz Chili sauce with the white label. Does anyone have information about where I can find the yellow-labeled Heinz “Chilli” sauce? It tastes much spicier than the American Heinz Chili sauce. Here is a link with a picture of a bottle of chilli sauce next to a bottle of ketchup in Penang, Malaysia:

Penang Local Boy answers:

Heinz makes 9 different Chili sauces world-wide. Http://–wellness/focus-foods/dietary-preferences/gluten-free.aspx This is apparently one of the ones made in China for the Asian market. I don’t recall every seeing this, but you might try Asian markets in your area.

You can also contact them directly and ask about it using the “contact us” link on their website (near the bottom of the page):

Maria asks…

Discus Fry Feeding: An alternative to baby brine shrimp?

Greetings all,

I’m in a little bind – my Penang Eruption pair just became the proud parents of yet another batch of fry. The fry are approaching a week and a half into the free swimming stage and have been feeding off of the parents since. Normally I give fry baby brine shrimp after a week old or so but I found my supplier for BBS no longer exists and I cant find any local places that have them or even a powdered version.

I’ve been trying to wean the fry off of the parents by dicing/crushing regular brine shrimp and beef heart and even powdered flake food but they don’t seem to be interested. I can tell the parents are getting irritated with the fry nibbling on them, so I’d like to separate them ASAP but I can’t until I can find something the fry will accept.

Will daphnia larvae or anything work? If anyone could recommend alternatives you’d be my hero!


Penang Local Boy answers:

One time when i lost a batch of baby brine shrimp i used liquifry and hikari first bites … I had dwarf puffer fry and they did not eat the first day but they ate both products the second day …

Susan asks…

Diabetes: Control daily sugar intake?what is ur comment????

DIABETES cases in the country are reaching alarming proportions. At the Dewan Rakyat last week, it was mentioned that at least 11 out of every 100 Malaysians suffer from this disease. Over the last five years, there has been a 27 per cent increase in the number of diabetes cases.
The number of children afflicted with diabetes is also showing an upward trend, with 1,305 cases reported in 2004 compared with 837 in 1999.
Diabetes Type 2 is strongly linked to high sugar consumption and obesity. In view of our country’s alarming diabetes rate, which is expected to rise steadily, urgent steps need to be taken.
The Consumers’ Association of Penang urges the Health Ministry to work with other ministries to take the following action: -To require manufacturers to amend their labels to show the amount of sugar in their food. This information must be understood easily by consumers. The sugar content could be shown graphically in terms of the number of teaspoons of sugar. (One teaspoon is equivalent to 5g.)
The guideline on sugar consumption is that it should not exceed 50g a day.
Daily sugar intake can come from many sources. CAP has found that some products, such as certain brands of fizzy drinks, contain about seven teaspoons of sugar.
The consumption of just one can of this drink in a day will result in a person’s sugar consumption almost reaching the maximum limit. With this improved labelling, consumers can see the amount of sugar they are consuming and adjust their habits accordingly.Parents must play their role in ensuring that highly-sugared products and sweets are not stocked in their homes.
An environment that is conducive for individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices should be created.
This is critical when it comes to the younger generation.

Penang Local Boy answers:

SUGAR is not the enemy here!!!

The main problem is not sugars added to foods and drinks!!! It is the CARBOHYDRATE content of lots of foods.

As a diabetic I have learned to count the grams of carbohydrate in foods and do so very carefully. I work hard at keeping the grams of carb to 30 or less per meal.

The USA Food Pyramid recommends 8 to 11 servings of grains and cereals per day!! They insist that this is healthy. BUT it is these same grains and cereals that cause us to gain weight. And gaining weight with someone in the family having diabetes is equal to hurrying up the disease in one self!!

We must teach the children to eat a balance of 1/3 each protein foods, fatty foods, and carbohydrate foods. We must teach them that eating a lot of starchy carbohydrates just makes them fatter and fatter.

The children should be eating a 2 to 3 ounce serving of protein food like fish, chicken, beef, lamb, etc. And a large fresh vegetable salad made up of mostly dark green leafy things. Tomatoes are good on this. Crispy tart fruits are more preferable than soft sweet ones. They don’t have the higher sugar content.

You must teach in the schools what carbohydrates are and how to read the labels that are already on products.

Robert asks…

Budget my travel please?

Budget my travel please?
i am thinking of having a solo travel this coming CNY holiday. i am thinking of Langkawi, :)
how much do i need to have to travel to Langkawi?
* solo
*hotel,foods (i prefer budget hotel)
* i will depart from penang, so i’ll use ferry from penang

thanks in advance,

Penang Local Boy answers:

Like Jimmy said, how can you budget when you are solo ? Car rental, room’s rate, sometime a bit on food n drink etc should be able to save quite a lot if you share.

And you didn’t mention the duration? 3d2n ?

Assuming all the below suggestion are in budget form but without compromise on the quality too much :

[1] Ferry of two way that are fixed, so you know the amounts ?
[2] Hotel/chalet’s rate ? If alone, I think you may need to pay something around RM50 ~ 60 per day
[3] Food/drink – may be RM 30 a day : breakfast n tea break RM5 each, RM10 for main meal like lunch n dinner
[4] Car rental to go sight seeing – RM 50 ~ 60 for a kancil/proton plus petrol about RM25 or less depend on your eagerness to move around.
[5] Shopping – of course you wanted to buy something as souvenirs so RM100
[6] Allocate RM100 for enjoying some not to miss attraction such as cable car, water world, island tour etc

The actual amounts ? You decide !

Happy holidays !

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