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Donna asks…

Has anyone gone to the Jazz Festival at Bayview Beach Resort, Penang?

The Jazz festival is going to be held at Bayview Beach resort on the 6th and 7th Dec 2008 and the tickets said free standing. I’m sure we can not stand from 630pm to midnight. Are we allowed to bring mats like the World Music Fest at Botanical Gardens and are we allowed to bring drinks or do they sell food and drinks there??

Penang Local Boy answers:

Ehhhh you don’t worry laaaa, no problem….now is the new government in Penang, not the stupid old govenment anymore….sure got a lot of food to eat….Penang people eat number one, no other place in the world have the most food stall per capita in the world as in Penang

Michael asks…

Where is this place in Penang?

It is a outdoor food center. Next to the sea. Lots of hut like stalls , lots of local food. Car park is gravel pave, parks about 50-60 cars. I am visiting Penang and would appreciated the address of this place. (not Gurnery)

Also appreciated is recommendations for Best Assam Laksa and Bak Kut Teh. Thanks

Penang Local Boy answers:

Sounds like the food court next to the Kedah House and opposite Northam All Suite Hotel.

There is a big car park (paved with tar) at the food court. There are lots of stalls in the food court. And the food court is just directly next to the sea. The food court only opens from evening onwards.

It is at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah.

Yes, there is laksa in that food court.

Anyway, if you want the best Assam Laksa, go to Air Itam.

Bak Kut Teh, no idea. I’m not a fan of Bak Kut Teh. :D No meat to eat at all.

Sandy asks…

we are going to penang in a few days from samui is there any budget clean beach accom around 20euros or so?

and we would like a bit of night life and beach, how much is a beer and food

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try the Batu Ferringhi area which has a long coastline and plenty of accommodation ranging from cheap to high end. Food and beer are cheap too. There is also a night market which has plenty of stalls selling knock-offs like watches and t-shirts, dvds. Very good atmosphere.

Lizzie asks…

Romantic Gateway in penang for my man and I?

My man enjoys good food, beautiful scenery and music stores…where can i take him?
thanx . but i’m looking for one closer to home until we’re engaged

Penang Local Boy answers:

Ahah!!!! Good question…
Bring him for a date under the penang bridge…

George asks…

Tourist spots in Penang?

We are a group of 8 travelling to Penang next weekend, any nice MUST visit spots, MUST eat food and MUST experience tips while in Penang? Since it will be Wesak Day, will it cost any massive traffic in the island itself? Thanks for your help!

Penang Local Boy answers:

Actually, you don’t need to ask this question… Penang is so small that you can explore the whole island in 2days

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