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David asks…

I am back from penang!!!!!!!!! Wow…..?

The 2 weeks holiday really paid off. On the 1st day in Penang I got a new boyfriend! Stayed at luxurious Park Royal Hotel, went ‘parah salin’ for the 1st time and got sunburned. Not to forget the huge number of hot boys and delicious food. But I really missed all of you sakai’s on Y!AM.

Tell me, what was ur best experience in Penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Live in it.

Steven asks…

Advice on Penang please!?


I am about to book a holiday to Penang. However, I just wondered if anyone had been there and what the recommendations would be?

Is it expensive once there or very cheap like other places in Asia?

Are the beaches as gorgeous as the look online (just read somewhere that the sea is brown not blue?)

What is the food like? (Love indian, thai and oriental)

Is the humidity very bad and worth getting a place with air con?

Any other advice – lively resorts / quiet secluded resorts etc most welcome!


Penang Local Boy answers:

I love Malaysia but will say that Penang is the last place I will suggest for holidays. I was lured into visiting it by my friend and by the return I gave him a proper trashing. Starting from hotel I booked online was described as modest but nice – turned to be a quiet nightmare with cockroaches and two seniour age topless “receptionists”, dirty walls and rusty water from the tap. I had no other option but drag my suitcase around in search of a better hotel, which i found immediately at a reasonable price. Famous night food market was another blow- food was nice but appalling sanitary condition and OHMYGOD-greasy chopsticks ruined it all. On a way back I was stalked by Indian prostitutes “aiyo aiyo let’s go with me etc” and felt totally weird.
Next day I went to the beach wearing my white speedo swimming trunks. Water was so muddy and dirty it like they mixed it with grinded brick… So naturally white turned terracota. My loss. It was time of Ramadan I think and presence of fully-clothed Arab holiday makers on a beach in plus 40C was very… Surreal. Also there were swarms of local very flirty gays on a beach and it did not feel any comfy or enjoyable. To top it up…when i finally found public shower it was nasty absolutely unimaginable tiny cabins combined with the toilets and i don’t know how i managed to wash off salt water, sand and dirt of my body without touching any of these walls. On return to the hotel i used half a bar of antiseptic soap to scrap off my skin any ghost of whatever it could have sticked to me. Nasty nasty nasty.

Local people are VERY reserved and popular bars are either full of local youth that won’t communicate or foreign tourists who communicate too much over too much drink. Major hawker centres and food stalls still are very dirty (i do compare to Kulala Lumpur, Melaka and JB where things are much better). Having cockroach for a company is almost unevitable. Internet cafes are not really great, cinema was the worst i have visited in Asia but they were showing good movies. Taxi service is a ruthless rip-off.

There is nothing so exciting about Penang apart from rich heritage, but you really have to do your home work before you go. I ended up going to Langkawi and it was amazing compensation for my failure in Penang. Clean water, great food, much higher standards and lack of Penang’s sleaze- my advise is to re-think the location. Best of luck!

Sharon asks…

Will visit Penang tml for a 3 days 2 nights stay, accomodations to recommend? Buget RM$ 250/night/pax. Thanks!

Prefers : Sea side accomodations
Want to Try : Affordable Sea Sports & Any price good food
Want to go : Cheap night markets
Tallest shopping centre in Penang

Directions for transport, landmarks, extimated costs will be deeply appreciated!

Penang Local Boy answers:

First you’ll want to do a city-wide quote, in price order, and see what’s available and within your budget — that way you can focus on learning more about the hotels that are in your price range!

Head over to and click the “Check Availability” button. Choose your dates, submit the form, then sort the results by price — that’ll put the cheapest places first.

Read about each hotel, view pics & book online!

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Cost of living expenses for average family in Malaysia?

What would the cost be (roughly) for a family living in Penang (or other place close to the beach) for a month? 2 adults and two young kids. Modest house, food, a few excursions etc?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hi again Johanna H.

Are you considering Penang? Penang will be a very good choice, except that i’m not really sure if Penang will be the “paradiselike” like you wanted.
It’s more of a city. Quite a busy city i’d say. I’m not really sure, maybe just near the populated area/ east side of the island. The west/ northwest/southwest side should be a good spot to stay at, i supposed, if you prefer to be away from the populated area.

I’d choose Penang if i were you, you will definitely have more stuff to do in Penang compare to those small islands i’ve mentioned to you about. Well atleast there is more stuff to do rather than hanging out at the beach all day long, as penang is a tourist place where there are many places to visit. Penang’s famous for their delicious hawker food too. Lots of places to eat here, from local food to western. Your kids will love it here. A good experience indeed, living in a totally different culture and all.

OH right, your question…….

Cost of living in Malaysia is pretty cheap.

Furnished apartment, should be around RM1k to 3k

If you choose to cook your own meal, groceries shopping ( includes various types of meats, fishes, breads, vegies, etc) should cost you around RM200 for a month supply

Dining out at a non-fancy restaurant/ hawker stalls should cost around RM7 per person.

SInce you’re staying for a month you should rent a car,

Might be expensive though. Public transportation is cheap.

Good luck in deciding =)

P/s= the beach sand in penang is different compare to the small island. Its not white and light, its more of a moisty, brownish dirty-ish type. Penang or a small island, both have it advantages and disadvantages, so good luck in deciding.

Nancy asks…

Penang Trip?

Planning for a family trip to Penang with two young kids. Can anyone suggest a good place to stay (along beach?). Accessible to night market for good food & shopping.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I recommend u to stay at
-Batu feringgi Beach
Its near the beach & near the night market.

U can stay in Lone Pines Resort (been here) or Holiday Inn.
Depends on your budget & ur choice..
I have several pictures of Lone Pines Resort.
Email me if u need some


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