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Mary asks…

Is it safe enough to go to Penang Hill during these rainy days?

Aiseh!! My overseas friends want to visit Penang Hill today but it is still raining………no, if it is raining, we can’t walk into the Botanical Gardens….why, oh why, now? …lol….

Penang Local Boy answers:

I agree with chubby hamster,, in fact,, i just went this morning, they dint allow us to get on the cable car,, some inspection going on,, they also advise us not to hike coz its pretty slippery,, better dont go.

Robert asks…

Is the Penang Hill tourist railway still operating?

I read somwhere that it is out of service for the next few months due to repair works.
Thanks in advance.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I went up to Penang Hill on the tram last Saturday, it was working just fine.

Lisa asks…

Penang Hill & Kek Lok Si closed ?

i’m going to Penang in Dec but heard Penang Hill & temple closed for renovation. Is that true? Nothing mention on the Penang website about closure.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Not sure if its still closed. I went there 2 years ago, it was partially closed for renovation.
But you can still hike up right?

Kimht: Closed to public, not CLOSED entirely. Monks still feed ze tortoise.

Thomas asks…

Is prince and princess secondary school located in venice hilltaman, cubec Penang Malaysia?Are they acredited?

what are the schools in venice hill taman, cubec Penang Malaysia?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Call them and find out.

Michael asks…

Getting Around In Penang, Malaysia?

My family and I will be going to Penang for a holiday. We’ll be staying in Evergreen Laurel Hotel. What is the best way to go to Penang Hill? If we take a taxi, how much would it cost from our hotel to the hill? Is it easy to find a taxi on the way back from Penang Hill to our hotel?

Anyone knows where we can rent a car + driver in Penang?


Penang Local Boy answers:

Ask the people in the hotel! They can give u more information! Thanks for coming to penang! Im from penang and i wish u have great fun and take it back to your hometown!

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