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George asks…

Can anyone recommend a great restaurant in Georgetown, Penang?

Hi, My parents are off to Penang for a week and i want to pay for a meal as a Christmas present. I was in Penang in May this year and i remember going to a restuarant on the top of a hill but can`t remember the name. If any one has any suggestions then i would be most grateful.



Penang Local Boy answers:

Western food…waterfall hotel, the ship

chinese food…starview beside the tokong heng tai sui, opposite Telekom, i think this is the best in georgetown

the one on the hill top, view is great but not the food, i also cannot remember the name…just go to balik pulau via teluk kumbar, you’ll definately see it on your left

Hau Yew seafood on the beach, go to Teluk Kumbar, it is just behind the old UTC bus station…great food, nice view and sea breeze

Donald asks…

Taxi: Bukit Mertajam to Penang?


Just wondering her for future references as I’ve never taken a taxi further than Butterworth before, but how much would a taxi cost for a trip from Bukit Mertajam to Penang?

Bukit Mertajam: Near Summit BM Plaza.
Penang: Green Hill, around the courthouse area.


Penang Local Boy answers:

Taxi – It’s about RM30-RM50 depends on which hour since they charge according to “timing” & depends to the traffic.

For bus, you’ll might have to wait like 30mins-50mins per bus. But it’s much cheaper.

Chris asks…

Don’t you think repairs, maintenance inspections, etc. should be done before any holiday period….?

For example:-
1. Penang Hill….inspection during the Raya holidays?
2. Penang Bridge Cameras…..temporarily shut down?….LOLS….
3. Roads….so normal, yes?…..*sigh*

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yeah, i think it is pretty stupid for them to be doing maintenance now,, where people come to penang for holiday.
It is really frustrating. If they do proper preventive maintenance for your number 1 example, then they wont have to do the inspection during the heavy rain.

Im just playing scrabble at home.

James asks…

Places of interest in Penang– Malaysia?

Can someone give me a few places of interest that one can visit in Penang? Will be there for 4 days and will have a car at my disposal
Near by townships within one or 2 hours drive will be great as well.
Please if you can make an itinerary that I can print out will be greatly appreciated
We don’t wish to walk or climb any hills etc! something easy
‘Thanks and looking forward to receive answers by this afternoon

Penang Local Boy answers:

Refer to this website, it is very detail about Penang

Below are the itinenary I’ve planned for my friend last summer, hope you find it useful

A must visit ( day 1 )
1) Kek Lok Si Temple ( recommended 3 hrs ) buying of Penang souvenir
2) Trishaw around town
3) Fort Conwalis
4) Khoo Kongsi
5) Dinner at Great New World ( nice hawker and restaurant )
6) Shopping at Pragin Mall and go up the 58th floor of Komtar building
7) Night life at Upper Penang Road ( pubs street, hottest place in Penang )
Day 2 8) Butterfly farm ( recommended 2 hrs )
9) Batik Factory
10) Balik Pulau Orchard – go to see the durian, rambutan and other fruit’s tree
11) Batu Feringgi – beach ( jet ski, paragliding, beach buggy ATV, fishing + BBQ, shopping at the night
12) Dinner at the Batu Ferringgi strip. Nice western food – The Ship Restaurant or there are many seafood restaurant there.
Day 3
13) Penang Hill ( recommended 3 hrs, go early in the morning )
14) Snake Temple
15) The Sleeping Buddha Temple
16) Little India
17) Indian Temple
18) Botanic Garden – see rain forest and monkey
19) Dinner at Gurney Drive

Below are copy from ( those places are nearby and in the middle of the town, just slot it in if she have time )
20) Daily, hundreds of tourists both local and foreign, visit this vast preservation of treasures in George Town, in which may be seen and enjoyed the story of Penang’s man-made heritage. As the starting point of Penang’s multicultural community, the inner city of George Town has many houses of worship, guilds, mosques, temples, clanhouses, district associations, sanghams and lodges which are Penang’s ‘open museums’ of migration and cultural history. The many heritage tour guides are only too happy to reveal to the visitor the beauty and wonder, and the inspiration and spiritual meaning that lie behind each building, each community and each culture.
21) A nimble amble through the historical sights in George Town: the first four streets mapped out by city fathers in George Town, namely Beach Street, Light Street, Pitt Street (now Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling) and Chulia Street are still very much relevant and bustle with traffic everyday. Just around the corner from Beach Street lies the Colonial Quarter, where Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade, City Hall, Court-house, St. George’s Church, Convent Light Street, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, the Protestant Cemetery, and other historical buildings are situated.
22) A short distance away are what is described as the historic port settlements or ‘ethnic enclaves’ – the Little India commercial orb, Kapitan Keling mosque, Goddess of Mercy Temple, Mahamariamman Temple, Armenian Street, Acheen Street, Khoo Kongsi, King Street, Weld Quay and others.

Susan asks…

bukit bendera in penang malaysia?

is bukit bendera a hill or mountain?
how high is it?
is the funicular train safe? coz i’ve had a near death experience with it ,and am writing an essay on it…

Penang Local Boy answers:


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