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Ken asks…

Budget-Midrange Hotel in Penang and Lankawi, preferably on / near the beach ?

My budget around (40 – 80 U.S. Dollars) or 140 to 225 MYR. I’m spending 2 nights in Penang and 2 nights in Langkawi! Thanks :D

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try crown jewel or tanjung bungah beach in penang and awana porto malai and tanjung sanctuary langkawi in langkawi. For more choices and good rates check with Have a good vacation.

Lisa asks…

interesting places to visit in penang, malaysia and how to get there?

my husband and i will be staying at the golden sands resort in penang. aside from enjoying the great beach, what interesting places in penang should travelers not miss? and how do we get to these places from our hotel if we just use public transportation?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Must go to gurney drive!!this is the place where you can get almost all kinds of local delicacies from asam laksa (hot and sour fish stock soup noodles) to rojak ( fruits mixed in spicy shrimp sauce)…and also their seafood…u can go to oriental seafood in gurney or the branch opposite Sunway Hotel…the branch is much cheaper than the one in the way the price of food in gurney has increased rather be prepared to pay abit more than those on the street near Komtar..

Good food in penang usually needs some effort to look for…those in gurney drive are just a hotspot and central for tourists where they dont have to hunt around for local delicacies..also it is a beach side…can take photos or just observe ppl walkin around there…very busy with ppl at nite there…or even shop inside the Gurney Plaza

go to the penang hill..may i remind you to go very early so tat it wont be too hot when u get down from the cold n misty penang hill..u can have a good view of penang frm up there..

If u like scenery go to the top of Komtar Shoppin ctr…u have to pay little money to go to the top and use binoculars to look at the view of penang…

U may wanna visit tis webpage…


enjoy and remember to bring a mini fan if you’re not used to the heat of malaysia’s weather…

Steven asks…

Help me pls information if I go to Penang Island.?

I want details information arround of bus agencies & schedule, ticket prices and time distance between Mlk – Penang island. In Penang island ,ve you recomended budget hotels ? Thank you

Penang Local Boy answers:

I recommend ‘The Friendship Hotel’, very clean and cheap and free internet. You must go to ‘Kapitans’ Indian restaurant for the best food in Penang. Have fun, it’s a great place!

Laura asks…

Need recommendation for stay in Penang! :) ?

This is my first time to Penang. I do not know which hotel to stay in. Any good recommendations? PS: Good location, Good rooms & Affordable! :)

*Hint* I have Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang.. in mind… But any better offers?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes Cheong Fatt Tze is a great choice! You can find out more from here. Happy holidays in Penang and thank you for choosing Penang for your vacation.

Maria asks…

In Penang which hotel do u offer me ? Haliday inn,paradise sandy bey, beyview?

Penang Local Boy answers:

As I’ve always advice before, get a tent and camp along the beaches… Trust me you’ll have an adventures night that you’ll ever had before.

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