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Joseph asks…

penang people, can you tell me how much is the cheapest hotel rental near usm area?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Cheapest near usm area:

Hotel Sri Malaysia
(RM100/RM120 per day)
Tel: 604-6429452

(RM110/RM120 per day)
Tel: 604-6532030

Anggerik Lodging Sdn. Bhd.
(RM65 per day)
Tel: 604-6583760

Mandy asks…

going to penang on 27 DEC….should i book the hotel from now ?….or i can book it that time ?

going to penang on 27 DEC….do u think its better i book the hotel from now ?….or its better i book it when i reach there ?…. also i want some tours for penang….do you know any website for that….also for a romantic trip penang is a good place to go ? coz i’ve been to perhentian and langkawi….don no about penang….or somewhere else is better ? thank you so much… :)

Penang Local Boy answers:

I think it would be better to book as early as you can, it’s christmas season, most hotels get booked out by tourists as early as november especially the nicer hotels. Sometimes hotels offer early bird discounts too

Susan asks…

Summit Hotel in Bukit Mertajam, Penang?

Anyone stayed there beofre in their family deluxe room? Website not helpful. Need to know whether it is good and safe. And number of beds they have in their family deluxe room.

Penang Local Boy answers:

It is a 4 star hotel however looks like it is badly maintain on the outlook but i do not know about the rooms.

If you insists on staying in BM, try to go to St. Anne’s church hostel where rooms and domitories are available at reasonable rates…best thing is they are very clean, cooling and peaceful just behind a trekking hill.

I’ve stayed there before and located along the road heading to Kulim not faraway from the town….

Donald asks…

which is the best hotel locate in/or near Chinatown Penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Motel 69

Donna asks…

what is the contact number of hotel Crown Tewel Penang?

pls fast ……………………

Penang Local Boy answers:

The Crown Jewel Hotel, Penang
Tel: +604 890 4111 Fax: +604 890 6533

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