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William asks…

Penang Hotels?

Hello M’sians! Am travelling to Penang coming December, could anyone recommend me any good hotels to stay in. Not too $$$$ please! (travelling on a budget). Beach hotels would be good. Hv checked on the net but not sure if what they say is true. Need more feedback. Thanks!

Penang Local Boy answers:

You know, if it’s just u, the hotels aren’t that expensive (of course, if your going to Penang from the US, it’s not expensive at all)… But if u don’t mind slumming it a little, there is a serviced apartments for about RM125 or so per night just across the street from the Golden Sands Shangri-La (that’s the one in Batu Ferringhi)… When we went, we got two bedrooms for that price… Have fun! I’m jealous…

Mark asks…

hotel in Penang?

looking for a nice resort type bungalow or hotel hideaway in Penang, not a concrete tower, any recommendations? wud be cool :-)

Penang Local Boy answers:

Casuarina Beach hotel is wonderful.

Sandy asks…

I got offer from Crownjewel hotel.Penang, Malaysia,the contact person is, is’t true.

Penang Local Boy answers:

No, it should be office no…………….the number you gave is a handphone number……….and it’s not even Penang number……….

Mandy asks…

Best hotel at Batu Feringgi, Penang?

which is the best beach hotel at batu feringgi? Rate RM100 – RM200.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Here are the lists..ranges from 150rm to 200rm:

• Crown Jewel Hotel (formerly Crown Prince) Tanjung Bungah

• Hydro Majestic Hotel
(Formerly known as Ferringhi Beach Hotel) Batu Ferringhi Beach

• Holiday Inn Resort Batu Ferringhi Beach

• Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel Tanjung Bungah

Michael asks…

How is the music scene in Canada?

I enjoy sitting down at a quiet lounge where a pianist plays jazz or classical music, after work.

Is there such place in Toronto or Winnipeg, Manitoba? I found a few in Glasgow, Scotland or Bristol in England. Even Penang, Malaysia has a few.

Please give names of the restaurants, hotels or indie bars?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Canada is approximately the same size as Europe and has a population of over 34 million people. There isn’t any one music “sense” in Canada. It has large variations in music due to geography, population densy, demographics, immigration, ethnic prefernece, economic development, etc. — same as any other large country.

Greater Toronto has over ten million people and tens of thousands of bars, clubs, hotels, and restraunts. If you want listings, try Google Earth or MapQuest. There are 30 reference to “jazz” within a 2.5 km radius of downtown Toronto including a jazz society, two music schools, a performing arts center, and dozens of clubs. There were too many results to list on a 25km radius.

As to the number of hotels and restraunts which might have pianists or jazz performers… There are 527 hotels within a 25km radius of downtown Toronto. Finding which ones have jazz performances is something better left to a web search, various blogs, or review sites. Type in “toronto jazz hotel” and you get thousands of hits.

The Best Jazz Bars in Toronto review lists the top 15, clubs, bars, and restraunts for jazz in the city. Google “toronto jazz reviews” and you’ve get dozens of newspaper reviews and blogs on jazz also.

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