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Paul asks…

affordable hotels in penang?

hi, i’m an organising committee for a class trip (3 days 2 nights) to penang. we have not found a suitable place yet. there will be 35 participants and our budget per person for transortation & hotel is around rm150. i’ve searched online but none has given me an offer that i’m looking for. kindly drop me some suggestions

Penang Local Boy answers:

RM150 per person for the whole trip?? Hmmm… Not sure if it if possible, but I used to stay in Royal Hotel Penang for RM141 (for 2 persons without breakfast).

I just checked their website again, they are having a promotion for RM140 for 2 persons with breakfast, which comes to RM140 per person for 2 nights. Looks good to me. As for transportation, I have no information on that… Sorry…

Mary asks…

My son was cheated by a hotel financially at Penang,Malaysia. Who should I contact to complain?

One hotel at Penang,Malaysia had offered a job and received huge amount through Bank transaction and after receiving the money stopped giving reply. He is not responding to our mails. We would like to lodge a complaint against the individual/firm. Please advise whom should we complain at Malaysia.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I think your son been conned / cheated or scammed.

If a company offering job/s.Why should your son pays them?your question is NOT complete in details.

If your son got a job offer from e-mail.he can says bye bye to his money .Always source the job/s offerings from legitimate websites.Not from emails whom you dont know.( also known as Nigerian scams )But if your sons job was by a local agent ( from your country ) you can approach his local agent.

Answer to your question is contact the press in malaysia.Maybe they might highlight your problem

Joseph asks…

Should I book hotel in Penang online and book when arrived at the airport?

I was planning to go to Penang in May and i was about to book hotel from now. can you recommend that I should book online or wait till arrived the airport (I am not sure I can book at the airport like in Langkawi). If so, can anyone recommend some hotel which near by the popular place (I mean where many foreigner stay)

you will get 10 points for your answers.


Penang Local Boy answers:

Suggest you book only for the ist night online.
Following morning go hotel hunting for one you like. There are many beautiful hotel rooms available around US$50.00-75.00. Stay around Penang Road/McAlistor Road area for easy access to food and shopping.

Mark asks…

what is cheap and best hotel in Penang ?

what is cheap and best hotel in Penang ? I have max $100/ Night . If it is near to city as well as beach then will ok.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Yes, Hotel Malaysia or Oriental Hotel…Traders Hotel…

Ruth asks…

How much does a TAXI cost from PENANG AIRPORT to VISTANA HOTEL?

Would anyone know how much would a taxi cost from PENANG AIRPORT to VISTANA HOTEL? we are coming from KL to Penang on Malaysian Airlines. Vistana hotel address is 213 Jalan Bukit Gambir, Bukit Jambul 11900.
Many thanks.
Are the fares you are talking about per person or per TAXI??!!! Please can you clarify?! Thanks.

Penang Local Boy answers:

There are no taxis, only airport limo’s they call it, u need to buy the ticket at the counter in the arrival hall…………….per taxi and not per person…………….the rates are fixed……….nothing to do with the taxi drivers…………

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