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Mary asks…

how to ease gastric pain,when i cant find a doctor and no medicine with me now.?

i am in penang now, on business trip, could not find a doctor near my hotel, so how am i to ease my gastric till it get better, or till i get home tomorrow?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Go to the grocery store and get some apple cidar vinager. Take about 2-3 tablespoons of it in some water. Works great and is really cheap

Maria asks…

Where are you going on Christmas Day?

I recommend Malaysia for you especially Kuala Lumpur and Penang City of Malaysia…

more information :

Penang Local Boy answers:

I guess I’ll be hanging out with my bf and his mates in Orchard area and Marina Sq area in Singapore for a good-time gathering, if not I hope I can go clubbing with my friends and spend the night dancing!!!

And most importantly, Singapore Tourism Board has decorated Orchard Rd with the longest and largest Xmas Light-up this year to attract tourists and local citizens to enjoy the festive season! So I think it’ll be really fun and exciting. And Singapore may be having fireworks too.

Carol asks…

please help how long should i spend in each of these places?

Im flying around south east asia in may and il be stopping off at these places but i don’t know how long to spend in each i want to book all flights soon so they will be cheaper.Im alone and tend to be there for the nightlife and fun and meeting new people so if you know anything about these places…..

kuala lumpur,
bangkok but ive been there so its ok,
maybe pattaya(ive heard its rough)
siem reap,
phnom penh,
nha trang,
hue and

(the main places haha)

il be bringing around 5-6000 euro spending and accomadation (good hotels not on a budget)and hoping around 3 months or as long as my money lasts

Any help would be great..thank you

p.s am i missing somewhere good
(not in thailand or laos)

Penang Local Boy answers:

The rule of thumb is three days per location. No mastter how known a location is, every location has its hidden gems. Go to each place for the same amount of time and you will have no regrets. Go to BookMe. You can compare prices on all the major travel sites from one location. It’s the only way you can guarantee the cheapest prices online.

George asks…

What To Do in Malaysia ?

I need an advice i am giving a visit to Kuala lumpur and Penang, me and my wife and we don’t know what can we do there or what can we visit ?
also where’s good places to see ?
places for electronic shopping CHEAP ?
normal shopping ?
hanging out at night ?
and one last thing which is better EAstin hotel or Evergreen hotel?
I appreciate ur help :)

Penang Local Boy answers:

Malaysia, in every sense of the word is truly cosmopolitan. Visit Kuala Lumpur, Borneo rainforest and Penang in Malaysia that offers guaranteed travel delight! Check out the link for further details.

Mark asks…

Law case studies: Exemption clause?

Jimmy, a business man from Penang, stays at the Golden Flower Hotel whenever he visits Kuala Lumpur on business. He likes the hotel so much that he arranges a seminar for his staff at the hotel.
While he was attending the seminar, he entered a toilet which was automatically locked. The lock was defective and there was no handle inside the toilet to open the door. For about 10 to 15 mins. Jimmy banged the door and shouted to attract the attention of persons outside but no one came to his assistance. With a view to climb out. Jimmy slipped and was injured. He suffered a dislocation of his left hand and his valuable handphone struck the floor and was damaged. He brought an action against the Hotel for negligence and the Hotel raised that there is an exemption clause stated on the wall of the toilet stating that “Customers of this hotel takes their own responsibility to ensure their own safety and the Hotel will not held to be liable”.
Advise Jimmy as to the rights available.

Penang Local Boy answers:

He may not have any. He needs to look and see what treaties his own country and that of the country he was visiting have entered into. (I’m not familiar with the cities and don’t have a map handy at the moment – older version of web brower.) If they are in the same country he may be out of luck – unless this exemption is against public policy and not generally honored by the courts. In the USA, he could still sue and might even win. BUT, he is more likely to lose his case because he assumed the risk by trying to escape.

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