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Daniel asks…

Any hotels in Batu Ferringi, Penang for Rm150 or less?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Well.. I know this place.. But it’s not in penang..
At bayan lepas.. It’s a new hotel, but i cant seem to remember the name.
RM80 per night..

Or maybe you can try this..

Ohh one more thing.. It’s alot cheaper staying in apartments than hotels (:
you have to google it (:
but i hope these links help.

Ruth asks…

How much does it cost to build a 5 star hotel by the sea in penang malaysia?

I had a crazy dream that i invested money to build a 5 star hotel by the sea in penang malaysia, i was wondering how much would it cost. I’m just curious

Penang Local Boy answers:

5 star hotel is a rating about service. If you want to built a multi-million dollars hotel then you must prepared the quality of your service. I doesnt matter if you built the nicest hotel in the world but your service is below standard (very poor) you cannot have a Star. How much it cost to built one? Half billion dollar will do.

Joseph asks…

Where is the best hotel to stay in KL & Penang?

Best in terms of location, room size, bed comfortability, facilities & of course friendly staff service.

Please name only one hotel each for KL & Penang. Do not give me your top 3 hotels in each location or anything similar as this will only increase my difficulty when making a choice. You could give your reason for choosing that hotel if you wish.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Shangri la hotel KL.

Shangri la Rasa Sayang Penang.

Lizzie asks…

Can someone let me know a good and cheap hotel in Penang ?

Preferably somewhere near the famous food centre, around Gurney area ?
Thank You for all the suggestions and response.

Penang Local Boy answers:

On Gurney beach front there are only 3 hotels, Gurney, G Hotel and Evergreen all of them are 5 stars

cheap one, i would suggest on upper penang road, Hotel Malaysia, Oriental Hotel and Peking Hotel, that is the hottest place in Penang

Jenny asks…

i want to travel to malaysia is any body who know about there for example :hotels islands((penang)) and……?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hi There,

I would like to welcome you to the potpourri island of Penang where blending is not just limited to food. Its a melting pot of architecture, culture, people, services ect. Ect including quality and rates.

It really depends what you want to see and experience in Penang. For a better and more accurate answer please provide some rough details like price, interest, quality of hotel, mode of travel while in Penang, company you are keeping with you while traveling so that the recommendation can be made.

Penang is really not all that big, circumnavigating the island takes almost 2 hours by car and 10 hours by sail.

Anyhow depending of time of travel, rates will difer by class and location and usually internet rates are more expensive by those on corporate accounts, and in certain cases better by walk in promo except on peak period.

Internet sites while giving some description of the place, are nothing like the real thing. Get to know some local “penang” residents and you will find its a whole world of difference.

I know that this may not be adequate answer but to list all is too much info. Too many variables.

I hope your trip here materialises. With more info i can provide better info.

All the best.

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