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Michael asks…

Are there any buget hotels near main locations in George Town, Penang,Malaysia?

Would like to know if I can get accommodation on the day of arrival in George Town,Penang,Malaysia for 80 to 10-0 RM for a double AC room with toilet attached inclusive of all taxes. Or it is necessary to book in advance My need is 3 double and 1 Triple room for a group of 9 aged between 38 to 68 Yrs between 20th Feb.2010 and 24th Feb.2010. I have searched in all the online reservation sites but I am not able to pick the right choice since the location is not familiar to me. I shall be thankful if some one could suggest such hotels with addresses and phone numbers and if possible their websites.One may email me, if needed, to

Penang Local Boy answers:

Broadway Budget hotel

Very cheap and located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown’s heritage spots are so near.

U can call them for bookings. Http://

Thomas asks…

Pls suggest hotel in Penang and Langkawi?

Please advise couple of hotels or atleast the area, in Penang and Langkawi.
My requirements are as under:
a. Double-room to be in range of USD 50 to 75 per night.
b. Area of hotel to be either within or very near to night-life areas, like bars, discos etc.
c. Hotel to be safe, secure and clean.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I stayed at AB motel, in a chatet on the beach, aircon, fridge, 2 double beds its on the beach strip, cost was 100MR=$30US. Take taxi from ferry or airport, its not expensive. In penang i rented a condo at miami green condos there for a month, there are all facilities at the resort, pool gym spa tennis etc located near batu ferrenghi, it cost me about 3500MR=$1000 US for a 2 bedroom fully furnished high floor with sea views, contact miss lee at i just spent 2 + months travelling around malaysia. I hope this helps you

Maria asks…

Anybody been to Penang. I need a mid-range Panang Hotel in downtown area.?

Im going to Penang and have no idea where to stay but not really the time to read through a travel guide now. What areas of Penang are the best to stay in? What mid-range Penang Hotels are the best?

Penang Local Boy answers:

If you are an adventurous traveler (back packing), you can find a really cheap hotel at Chulia Street and it’s surrounding area (within 500m radius). Plenty of old-town style hotels ranging from 50 ringgit (15 US$) to 80 ringgit (20 US$). These are not fancy hotels with good housekeeping service and room service. However, food, coffee and beer are always readily available downstairs as these hotels usually have a bar or local coffee shop on the ground floor.

Stepping one notch up, there are mid range hotels like Embassy Hotel etc at the end of Penang Road, where Cititel is. Price ranges from 100ringgit to 200 ringgit. I would normally rate them 2-star hotels. Decent bedroom and lobby but don’t expect top notch services.

The higher range hotels like Trader’s Hotel (former Shangri-La Hotel), Sheraton Hotel, Cititel are in the town. Beach Resorts like Golden Sands, Mutiara, Novotel are the more expensive ones.

Rooms are usually abundant in this island city. I would recommend that you would plan 1 day to go around the city to find the hotel. Start your exploration from Komtar Bus Station. This way, you can see city while you hunt for a hotel bargain.

Good Luck!

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to get from Penang Airport to Cititel Hotel,Georgetown?

We’re a group of 5 people and we’d rather not take the local bus service.

Penang Local Boy answers:

A taxi = RM50 but can only take 4 person, you have to take two, next time, travel in a group of 4, that is the most economic number for a group

Mandy asks…

Can u suggest a few hotels located in Gurney Drive and Padang Kota Lama?

Penang is my hometown but havent had the opportunity to enjoy its surroundings for a very very long time. So, now that I am in Penang, would love to spend some time in the island. Please suggest a few hotels. Would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Malaysia Hotel

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