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Lisa asks…

Should i visit pangkor or penang with my girl?

hi. me and my gurlfren want to go away for da weekend. weve narrowed our options down to either pangkor or penang. where do u suggest we go? any hotels u would recommend? thanks a bunch.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Pangkor and Penang are both islands but with a very different background/culture.

Choose Pangkor if you :

- are looking for a relaxing time on the beach
- want to spend quality time with your girlfriend
- want the time to move as slow as possible
- want cleaner beach (beaches in pangkor is crystal clear – you can hardly get that in Penang)

Hotels in Pangkor

Pangkor Laut is an island off Pangkor Island. Price is a bit steep but its a private island….so privacy is secured !

Coral bay resort is recommended for stays on Pangkor Island. I’ve stayed they few times and really like it. Big rooms. Clean. Facing sea.

Choose Penang if you :

- want to taste great food (its cheap !!)
- want time to run fast
- want to see how many diffirent cultures lives together
- want to see pre-world war buildings

Hotels are abundance in Penang. Hotels are lined up mainly in 2 areas – Batu Feringghi (beach) and George Town. If you are not a beach goer, choose a hotel in George Town. Look up

Donald asks…

Can anyone recommend a decent but inexpensive beach resort hotel in Penang, Malaysia?

Penang Local Boy answers:

The best site to look at is

They have hotels of all prices. I have used them regularly and never have had any problems.
Check the remarks section to get feedback from people who have stayed at the hotels before as this gives a good insight into the location and value for money.

Sharon asks…

Can I buy a hotel room in penang for family holidays?

Im interested in either an appartment or a hotel room on batu ferringhi beach, does anyone have any info?
Thanks in advance for any help
Just to be clear I want to own the apartment/hotel room and will pay all yearly fees etc
thanks so far for your info

Penang Local Boy answers:

If you wish to have hotel room on your own or a service apartment,
usually you have to buy the property before the construction of the building.

You may ask real estate agent to look around.
Sometimes there are few units sold back by the previous owner that you can buy from.

If you purchase that kind of property, the management will
short term rent it to other visitors.
Part of the income will go to the management and some will be credited to your bank account, depending on the percentage during the agreement with the management.

Charles asks…

Need Contact info of Crown Jewel Hotel Penang, Malaysia (not from websites)?

I need contact info of Crown Jewel Hotel Penang, Malaysia either from a resident in Malaysia or a business directory & not from their web site to double check something.. Pls help. Thnx.

Penang Local Boy answers:

I do think i know why.

If its a job offer from crown jewel hotel, its a fake.
Part of the job offer scams.Dont fall or it.

Jalan Tanjung Bungah
11200, Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Tel: (+604) 890 4111
Fax: (+604) 890 4777

Mark asks…

Is there anybody who can give me some advices about places and hotels in Malaysia?

My soon to be wife and I have booked a 3 month honeymoon in Malaysia. However, we have no idea where to travel apart from Langkawi, Penang and places in KL. Can any one give me some advices where else that could be interesting? Also I want to know what hotel should we stay. All advice would be gratefully received.

Penang Local Boy answers:

The Palace Beach and Spa Hotel in Selangor is amazing. Selangor is an interesting place, too, definitely worth visiting. You can get mor einformation on these sites about Selangor and Hotel descriptions.


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