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Joseph asks…

Any recommend hotel in Penang?

I’m going to Penang next mth for 3D2N. Any recommend hotel? I’m looking for one that comes with nice sea view. My friend had recommended one hotel in penang, suite room and from the bathroom & room, full sea view. But i dun have the hotel name. Somebody ps help.

Penang Local Boy answers:

If you want a nice beach front stay in the Ferringhi beach area . Your options are

1 Ferringhi Beach Hotel
2 Park Royal
3 Lone Pine

Park Royal is classy with nice rooms but if you can get a room stay in Lone Pine because its low rise ( 2 floors ) with a nice colonial touch . I stayed in all of them but think Lone Pine is the best :-

The good thing about ALL three hotels is that at night along the road the is a nice night market selling trinckets and good fake DVDs . Secondly there is a few large open air stalls style restaurants that serve cheap and good food for which Penang is famous for !

PS If you have deep pockets then you can consider the luxurious Rasa Sayang Hotel .

Maria asks…

I got offer from Crownjewel hotel.Penang, Malaysia,the contact person is, is’t true.

i got offer from crownjewel hotel.Penang, malaysia. contact person M.chong. tel:60126046201. on the offer they told me to contact so pl’s tell me what to do.

Penang Local Boy answers:

This type of question has popped up half a dozen times over the past few months and it sounds like a con especially if you have to pay a Rm500 ‘Administration cost’ to them.

However, if infact you have applied for such a job at that hotel then it’s probably true, but still be very careful, the fact that you have asked this question already indicates that you have suspicions.

Trust your instincts..

Mandy asks…

where to find nice local breakfast near cititel hotel, penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Next to the hotel you’ll find mamak restaurant, nice roti canai and other indian food, i would said nice supper instead of breakfast, walk to penang rd, you’ll find a lot of tim sum in the morning

Donald asks…

What is the best hotel in Penang? my budget is around RM300 for 2 nights.?

nice view,comfort and satisfy.
2 persons per room

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hi, kindly check out here…


i like hard rock cafe hotel.. But it is expensive.. Too bad!

Charles asks…

What did you think of those Phaetons parked outside the Eastern and Oriental Hotel in the 1930s in Penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Those Ford Model “Faytons” would have been the equivalent of today’s M. Benz or BMWs…Ninja Turtles, etc. ….only the wealthy can afford to buy, or those “high society” types can have them to show off…….[ much as in today's situation..]

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