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David asks…

has anyone stayed at the hard rock hotel penang?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Sure have! If you have stayed at other HRHs elsewhere, you will find this one much smaller. The HRH Penang has less grounds and a short beach front. The swimming pool area is long but narrow. Otherwise, they get top points for service and it is quite new (opened this year). In usual HRH style, they retain all the familiar interior of Beatles and the likes!

Hope you have fun!

James asks…

Any recommendations for Honeymoon in Penang?

Which hotel to stay? where to go? what to do, etc. I only have 2 nights in Penang btw.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Hotel??? That depend on your budget, if you are tough enough go to Penang’s taman negara and walk to pantai keracut then walk to monkey beach and eat barbeque there, you don’t have to bring food, just bring money, that is the most romantic place in Penang, if you are not tough enough to walk just take a bot, it is RM100 one way per boat

Jenny asks…

hotel in penang?

i’m first time heading to penang, anyone know which hotel is in range rm100++, in city,safety…thannks for your answer, urgent

Penang Local Boy answers:

This question already been answer few days ago try this link:-;_ylt=AvR14u72kkpzwMs5oHX3Zknty6IX?qid=20070606020604AAvI4uN&show=7#profile-info-2d417567dfa4d54c168714307cdf935faa

Betty asks…

is the 4* hotel good in PENANG or not?

if your answer is yes ,please offer me some 4*hotels in good area ith good quality & fare.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try to search in the net

Ken asks…

please let me know your comments about Sheraton Hotel in Penang/ Malaysia.?

our travel agency is realy jerk people after we decide of bayview they told us no room available, so you should choose Sharaton Hotel in penang, please let me know your comments urgently

Penang Local Boy answers:

If its a 4-5 star hotel as Boss mentioned, then it should be ok..dont worry

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