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Maria asks…

i would be travelling to penang this oct and would be planning a trip to the beach and georgetown and shopping?

which is the best hotel in penang/

Penang Local Boy answers:

Rasa Sayang in Batu Feringhi, or E&O in georgetown.

Michael asks…

How much is the rapid penang bus fare?

Are there buses going to Berjaya Georgetown hotel?

Penang Local Boy answers:

I don’t know mates..might be same like rapidKL i guess..
Can be Rm1 for Tempatan, or Rm2 for Utama..

David asks…

Those of you familiar with accomodation in Malaysia?

Have you heard of any of these places. Can you tell me if the accomodations is bad, ok, good.
I chose budget accomodation because I was travelling on my own, but my sister is now joining me and we are thinking of upgrading.

The mingood hotel – Georgetown
Sri sayang apartments – Penang
Lanai Hotel – Langkawi

Penang Local Boy answers:

1)Mingood is in the middle of the city and you would be quite convenience to move around..reasonable price too..
2)The apartment from Sri Sayang is quite big for 2 of you try Crown Prince hotel:

3)Lanai Hotel- Look impressive and spacious too..other alternative : Frangipani and Spa Resort Langkawi

James asks…

Malaysia Penang car hire and things to do?

I am going to Penang with my girlfriend for three nights. The first night we will stay in Georgetown. She then wants to go to a beach location, can you recomend a good hotel (budget is arround 250 Ringet a night), and the best place to hire a car (It does not have to be new, it can be an older car to save money), and interesting places that we can explore.

Thanks in anticipation

Penang Local Boy answers:

The Batu Feringghi Beach is probably one of the most famous in Penang. I can’t really recommend a specific hotel according to your budget but there are lots and lots of lodgings of various types and of different budgets, from cheap budget house to high-end luxury hotels, so I suggest you go there and ask around and check in with the one that suits your specification.

As for renting cars, just ask the locals or hotel staffs or other tourists. They usually know more about it than anyone else. It USUALLY costs about RM150-RM250 per day, but it varies with different car models.

Here’s some links I find helpful to many travelers going to Penang Island.


Here’s a Penang Island’s map to help you explore the island.


(Batu Feringghi Beach is on the north of the island, so you can use it as point of reference)

You are welcome to send me emails if you have questions about Penang.

John asks…

Which Penang hotel do you recommend & why?

All in Georgetown:
1. Bayview
2. Cititel
3. Berjaya
4. Sunway
5. Evergreen Laurel
Sacha D – Oh I agree with u there but expensive. I booked Golden Sands for 3D/2N though, more affordable. I’m now referring to Georgetown hotels for another 3D/2N..
Sniper – TQ but since I already booked Golden Sands, prefer hotel at Georgetown centre.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Never stayed at Evergreen Laurel so can’t comment. As for 1 – 4, i would choose bayview. Ask for room in thier new wing, it’s more spacious & their twin beds, it’s more the size of queens than single. No doubt Cititel is more centrally located but their rooms are much smaller. Berjaya & sunway are just ok. .

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