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Sandy asks…

Where can I find a map of the Sungai Dua area in Penang, Malaysia?

Well, I just need to finish my geography project so I need a map of Sungai Dua to finish it off. Please note that I’ll need to draw this map using terrain and building symbols, so it has to be a pretty simple, clear map. Thanks!

Penang Local Boy answers:

Go to any petrol station and purchase a street map. Scan it in any resolution you want. Using one from the Internet is easy but it does not give you the flexibility for choice of resolution. Is for your project, so effort in finding and choice of map source will give you more marks. Moreover, maps from Internet are usually outdated!

Steven asks…

Detail road map of whole Penang . Malaysia .?

Can anyone tell me where to find (web add.) a detail (whole)road map of Penang. Malaysia just like the one pizza hut using for delivery ?

Penang Local Boy answers:


Mandy asks…

need Penang map specifically for Gelugor area. anyone has such soft copy map may post it to my email address.?

Penang Local Boy answers:


just adjust the size and click on the link button on the left top of the map, right click, copy and paste on your email

it is that easy

Carol asks…

Help me find a map of Butterworth,Penang?

Butterworth not Penang

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try google earth
its nice n u can see all the real buildings n roads taken as a photo from the satelite.
U can see ur own house too!!

Thomas asks…

Where are all the Hardware shops in Penang?

I’m looking to buy some power tools, some metal, some wood, and other stuff. But all I have found so far is one Hardware shop.

Is there a place in Penang that there are lots of shops catering to industrial needs? Some one told me to look on Julia street. But I couldn’t find it on the map. May be I heard the name wrong.


Penang Local Boy answers:

It is Chulia street, not Julia, just search in on google maps, Chooi Tee Hardware is the biggest hardware shop around there, but the old owner is a little bit cocky do look for the daughter instead

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