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Helen asks…

Where is the Penang Public Library Georgetown Branch?

Could someone provide the gps map coordinate of the location?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Just somewhere near SMK Union.

It’s situated next to the Perpustakaan Kanak-kanak. Refer to 2nd link below.

Linda asks…

Where can i find my house location in a map????

My house is at Penang.Please give me some websites.

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try to see it with the Cool Software that is called Google Earth:

you can download it from here:


And Good….luck

Mandy asks…

the best way from kelantan to penang?

i’ll be driving from Jeli to Penang, but I’m not sure the best route to use. My father told me that there is a new route from Kuala Rui directly to penang without having to go to Gerik town. I was thinking of going into Kuala Kangsar plaza tol and drive the PLUS highway up to penang.

I looked in Google Maps but i think the new route that my father mentioned is not there, yet. Any tips about this new route? thanks :)

Penang Local Boy answers:

You better dont use the new route if you are not sure

Lizzie asks…

What is the name of the movie I’m thinking about?

The scene is set on Penang Island, Malaysia, a place I’ve visited many, many times. It’s circa late 60′s or 70′s.

Three foreigners from the U.S. are staying in a small cottage and partying hardy. They rent several bikes and go on a little excursion. One of the bicycles breaks down and the guy just tosses it into the jungle and they move on.

The owner of the bicycles calls the police, reporting one of his bicycles missing. Meanwhile, the guys are back at their cottage and two of them announce they are leaving and returning to the U.S. But, the one guy decides to stay on. The other two guys have some hashish or ganga, and stash it somewhere outside the cottage, not wanting to take it with them and risk getting busted.

The police find out where the foreigners have been living and show up at the cottage. The one guy is still there and while the police are rummaging about, they find the drugs. Bam! He’s busted. In Malaysia, at the time (possibly still) drug possession holds the death penalty. He’s taken away and put in a Penang prison. The judge in the court hears the story and says very simply, “Find the other two, and make them come back to serve their sentences (six years, I believe), so word gets out and the guys family is contacted. His sister is a lawyer in New York and hunts the guys down, telling them…

“If you show up and confess to the crime, the guy won’t die (she doesn’t tell them he is her brother), but you will have to serve your sentences of six years. Very interesting true story about a similar, real case years ago, which put Penang and Malaysia on the map. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, as it’s old but a very good, movie that quickly became very popular.

What’s the name?


Penang Local Boy answers:

Return to Paradise (1998)
starring Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Joaquin Phoenix, David Conrad
IMDb synopsis:
Lewis, Sheriff and Tony are three American guys who meet and hang out one summer at the beach huts of Malaysia. There they enjoy the luxuries of women, rum and hashish. As the summer ends, Tony and Sheriff go back to New York, but Lewis decides to go to Borneo to help save the orangutan. But before he got the chance to leave, he was arrested for possession of the leftover hash and sentenced to death because he was considered to be trafficking. Two years go by and Sheriff and Tony are living their lives peacefully in The Big Apple when Lewis’ lawyer tells them the news: three years each if they both go, six years if one goes, Lewis’ death if neither goes. Although they both do not want Lewis to die, they do not know him well enough to really want to sacrifice three years of their life to a Third-World prison. “Return to Paradise” watches Sheriff and Tony as they struggle to decide in the short period of time.

Jenny asks…

im clueless..wheres jalan chan sow lin located…need to go UTUSAN for interview…HELP!!!?


Im from penang…looking to work in KL…
However, i have no freakin idea, where UTUSAN MALAYSIA in Jalan Chan Sow Lin is located?

Can u pls guide me through which road i can take if say im from PWTC.. Just maybe give me some pointers,main roads i should follow…landmarks and such..

I know i have a map..but i just need some KL people point of view..

Also, how bad is the jam in mornings there?
And how early does the jam start??
So i can avoid it…


Penang Local Boy answers:

Hi. From PWTC try to find your way to connect to Jalan Tun Razak via Jalan TAR. When you got on to the Jln Tun Razak head towards Jalan Ampang cross junction traffic lights. Move straight where you’ll see American Embassy on your left about 50 m ahead, drive on where you’ll find an overhead ramp and do not turn until you reach Jalan Sg. Besi main road some 2 kms ahead which you can see Federal bakery and Nichii fashion Factory on your left. A short distance away you’ll find few turning to the left it’s Jalan Satu, Dua and Tiga.
Turn left on the earliest left turn and you’ll reach Jalan Chan Sow Lin main road at the end. Turn to your right and you’re on the main road which you may find Utusan office around that vicinity.
A word of advice though, it’s quite narrow on the main so becareful of the trucks moving in and out.
Best time to get out from PWTC will be after 9am and may takes an hour or so to reach your destination if you’re not familiar to the roads..
Don’t rush yourself and hope you find your way….

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