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Paul asks…

Where would one go for a food tour in Penang?

I love good cuisine be it local hawker fare, fruits, not so fine restaurants and fine dining. Where would you reccomend to take a visitor on a culinary tour of Penang food?
Thank you all for the answers so far. I really like some answers. Gurney Drive is pretty much mediocre compared to some other suggestions here. Same food all over.

Lets see what else we can find here.

Penang Local Boy answers:

1) Gurney Drive – Hawker food
2) Foodloft Restaurant – Inside Gurney plaza (5th floor), excellent food with very good service and it’s clean and cheap. Seaview.
3) End of the World Seafood – located in Teluk Bahang. Fresh seafood.
4) Hawker food at the Bayan food court. Over 50 different hawker foods to choose from. In Bayan Baru. Only at night.
5) Prontip Thai Restaurant (Burma Road) – Cheap with ample parking. The chefs are brought specially from Thailand.
6) Nasi Kandar – Hameedyah at Campbell Street. Been there for over 25yrs. Excellent briyani rice and rost chicken.
7) Soho Freehouse (Penang Road) – excellent British pub food;
8) Ananda Bhawan Restaurant (Tanjung Bunga) – Indian banana leaf.
9) 32 (The mansion) at Farquhar street – Fine dining (very competitive price)
10) Last Drop Restaurant (Batu Ferringhi) – Oriental, Indian, Chinese, Fine dining, Middle East and Western culinary. Excellent taste and cheap.
11) Tropical fruit at Balik Pulau – Eat all you can straight from the orchid.
12) Mamak fried noddle – Bangkok lane inside the Chinese coffee shop. The best in Penang.

Chris asks…

Food tour of Penang. What are the best places to eat?

Me and my hubby are traveling to Penang in march, and we would really like to experience the best of local Penang food. We are looking for an itinerary for a self guided tour, or a local that can help us out, or even a tour company/guide that will not cost very much. Can anyone help me? At least suggestions on the best places to eat?

Penang Local Boy answers:

This may help you a bit: a list of some of the local restaurants in Penang and a description about how Penang is a food capital– http://www.nileguide.com/destination/penang/restaurants

Then check this site out: http://www.localyte.com — you can use it to find a local guide who can take you to all the best spots in and around the city.

Bon Appetit!

Steven asks…

which food do you recommend to eat in penang island?

need advice! I`m going to penang.which restaurant has delicious foods in penang and how much should I pay?

Penang Local Boy answers:

You should sit on hawker stall where they serve the pure penang char kue tiow (RM3.50) or you can try find place name sungai dua where the have the delicious mee udang (prawn mee RM 4.50)

Sandy asks…

Anybody from Asia have nice recipe for Penang hawker food Char Kway Teow ?

Penang Local Boy answers:

Try this

1 packet of koay teow – rinsed in hot water to rid unwanted oil. (serves 3). Recipe will be according to 1 portion.

1 handful taugeh (beansprout), 1/2 handful garlic chives (cut to the length of beansprout), 3 peeled and devided prawns (leave tail intact), 1 egg

2 Tbsp Chili paste, 1 Tbsp chopped garlic, dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, sea salt

Heat grape seed oil in a wok, throw in the chopped garlic and chili paste. Stir 30 seconds add prawns. Stir 1 minute and put in the koay teow, dark and light sauce and stir another minute. Put in all the sprouts and garlic chives, stir 30 seconds and push all ingredients in the wok aside. Crack an egg and stir in the free space created earlier in the wok. Slowly flip the koay teow over the quickly cooking egg. (Careful not to over stir, may cause the eggs to be too scrambled). Here, I add a little hot water to give it a wet style. (Chicken or prawn stock may be used). Salt to taste.

Note : I love my fried koay teow with large raw shelled cockles just covered with piping hot koay teow. The raw springy texture is just overwhelming! Sadly, I was very disappointed for I could not find any fresh looking cockles in the market today and most of them look so depressingly tiny. Life has to go on with or without cockles!

Charles asks…

What and where are the best spot to enjoy food in penang? Especially for late nite supper?

Penang Local Boy answers:

New Lane’s good( aka Lorong Baru) , the coffeeshop beside Sunway Hotel. Loh Bak and Satay’s good. The best char hor fun is also there.

Then if you want nasi kandar, go to Line Clear. It’s a bit further down the Cititel road (Penang Road). It’s at a narrow lane beside a corner nasi kandar stall. Don’t be fooled by the setting cause the nasi kandar ROCKS!!! If you’re not sure, just ask the locals where it is.

If you want cendol, go further down Penang Road (same side of the road as Line Clear) to this coffeeshop called Joo Seng (I hope I got the name right).

Let’s not forget about the Swatow Lane food. They’ve moved to the New World Hawker centre near its previous spot. AS for chicken rice, there’s the famous Fatty Loh chicken Rice. They are now located at Nagore Place. It’s not hard to find.

Last but not least, Gurney Drive. Hope I’ve helped

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